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Affiliate disclosure: In full transparency – some of the links on our website are affiliate links, if you use them to make a purchase we will earn a commission at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!).

Humans need needs or we are humans or not. Not getting it? Okay, let’s not beat around the bush. We always need one after another. It is like a never-ending story. 

To fulfill our needs, we need the ultimate thing called money. Do we get enough money to fulfill our needs through a single income? Nope, we aren’t. We always need a second income. Let’s call it a passive income. That’s why we are going to do the Cloudways Affiliate Review.

But before that, you can find everything about Cloudways in our detailed Cloudways Review.

We can just get money for telling our friends and others that the pav bhaji in the XYZ shop is too good?

Or telling the tie we are wearing is super comfort? Sounds crazy?

No, we can earn money from it. It is known as Affiliate marketing. Now, we have a question in our minds that how to do this affiliate marketing and from where?                                     

What is Cloudways Affiliate?

Cloudways AFFILIATE is the answer to your every question. Cloudways affiliate is a place where you are paid properly for promoting a brand’s link and your payment is called a Commission.

You get your commission for promoting a brand just sitting at your home. Now, tell me it sounds crazy?

Yes, on a positive note right..!

The Cloudways Affiliate provides access to resources, flexibility for higher commissions, and dedicated support to affiliates.

Cloudways Affiliate Review- Intro              

Recently, I was watching a YouTube video and at the end of the video, my favorite YouTuber said I have passed my affiliate link in my description please buy through it and it will help me and our channel to grow. Have you people seen or heard this anywhere? Yeah yeah exactly, I can catch your mind voices.

If you buy through that link a particular amount of money goes to that person. But how? That’s affiliation marketing. 

Let me explain it.                             

What is Affiliate marketing?

A process from where people get a commission for promoting some other’s products or brands. All you have to do is to promote the link of the product and if people buy through the link you get the commission.

Affiliate marketing- cloudways affilate review

We can also call it Revenue sharing. Brand owners share a small percentage of their profit for promoting their products.

In other words, affiliate marketing is a type of marketing where you get money for each customer which you bring through your performance or your promotional works. You promote the link and sleep, people buy and you get money. 

Now, we get the meaning of Dream Job, we can earn while we dream or when we sleep. Hold on just don’t run to copy the link of your favourite brand’s product and to promote it on your social media handle.

If people like your work, buy it and thank you for giving them suggestions also but you won’t get your commission. So, everyone has a question in your mind now how to get the commission then? 

This can be done through the affiliate process which happens through a network. Cloudways affiliate is one of the networks that encourage people to do affiliate marketing and make them earn. Affiliate marketing has four main players:

  • The Brand or product owner: The brand or product owners are also known as merchants. They are also advertisers and retailers of this marketing field. These product owners and the merchants are those who trade commodities that are produced by others.
  • The Affiliate network: He is the one that offers affiliates to choose from and takes care of the payment. The relationship between two companies mainly when they are a part of the parent company.
  • The Affiliate promotor: The affiliate promoter is the one who promotes the brand in the marketplace from where he can get a customer who is interested in buy the product or requires that product.
  • The customer: He is the most important player in the marketing system. The customer is the recipient of goods and services, products and he is the one who exchanges money for valuable consideration.

What is Affiliation?

 Affiliation is a similar process as affiliates. They are attached or connected with an organization. The relationship resulting in affiliating one thing from another. 

Cloudways manages the hosting and promises not to give slow loading WordPress sites. As your website starts growing you can scale hosting resources and can get a fantastic feature set. The infrastructure is well optimized for security, performances, and speed also. While managing WordPress hosting many companies of the same services except one.

It provides you a unique managed hosting solution. The one which provides the unique feature is Cloudways. From Google to AWS, five top-level companies work hand-in-hand with Cloudways

Cloudways as a hosting platform that helps you to deploy your own website in just a few steps. Its prices are flexible, you can make the website easily and it’s incredible for small and medium businesses within their budget.

How to Become an Affiliate?

Before learning how to become an affiliate, it is very important to know from where to start. It is a great deal to find merchant partners, High commission affiliates, or affiliate market jobs that pays well. 

Cloudways Affiliate Review- Guaranteed Success

So building an online audience with five easy steps are explained below:

STEP: 1 A Niche

It is the very first step of training to become an affiliate which involves the products to sale.

You have to start with the bigger picture. Every affiliate has a niche from which day tries to influence the audience.

You should not speak too much as if you are greedy because it can be a risk to you and can make your efforts ineffective. 

The wrong niche can make your selling power harder but with the right choice, it can make it easier. So how can we find out which niche is best?

Cloudways Affiliate program review

While doing small self-assessment is the best process of finding the best niche. By asking some questions like I am passionate about which topics?

Do People search for my niche?

Demand for my niche will stay consistent? How much competition is there for my niche?

These can be the type of questions that can be asked in self-assessment. 

It is easy to buy advertising online, creating and paying can make a break for you by your niche. For those projects, someone needs to write the reviews also?

Correct, in that case, a simple Google search can show you the options for the sponsored ads in the niche. Your decision should be profitable for the upcoming years.

The process doesn’t end here. The next step will take you closer to find the marketing partners who will provide you the products and will make efforts to promote you also.

STEP: 2 Research program

In this step, I will help you in promoting products. Affiliate marketing sites act as a middleman between affiliates and merchants. While figuring out how to become an affiliate marketer you need to answer some questions which are as follows:

  1. How much commission will you like to make from your program?
  2. What kind of support program will provide you?
  3. Do you want to be associated with programs?

This will help you to find a profitable partnership. Keeping all this in mind moves further.

STEP: 3 Build Your Platform

From here you will start creating the platform that will help you in learning how to become an affiliate marketer. The most popular works are:

    • Making blogs
    • Running paid articles
    • Making websites.

Let us built a website as the first step of platform building. When you will search the ways of building a website then you have to look for competing opinions which is one of the best sites.

There are many free options you can choose your ultimate choice among them but as per the best suggestion, site is one of the best options. The site gives you more flexibility and gives a better chance of being found via searching options.                                

Now you have to sort out your hosting. There are many sites that give you the option of hosting but your ultimate choice should offer reliable and good service.

Now, it is time to start creating content that you want to share with your audience. 

STEP: 4 Create and Publish

Creating content is one of the final stages of the pre- affiliate journey. It is also known as the gateway to start affiliate marketing. It doesn’t matter that you are blogging or publishing advertisements.

If you have hit the phrase “content is King” then you are in the home stretch of learning affiliation. The whole internet is full of content. 

STEP: 5 Create your Ad Account

Advertisements are the best market methods that help you get successful for high commission affiliate programs.

What if you want to use paid advertisements to push people to your site?

In this case, you don’t need any such website but you need to set an account that will create ads as per your needs. Advertisements are created by Google ads, Facebook ads, and also Bing ads so that your audience can get in touch with you.

This was the final step that how to become an affiliate marketer.

Affiliate Commission Plans

Cloudways affiliate commission plans- cloudways affiliate review

To pay affiliates you need to specify the commission plans for each purchase:

  1. Plan code: this is often the code for a given plan and it must be unique. It is often used as a different compensation plan.
  2. Default plan: By checking plans, it’s used as a default plan if no plan code is included and a sale is made.
  3. Plan currency: this enables you to line the payment plants as per currency which is employed as a multinational affiliate program.
  4. Payment option: the acquisition can either be a fixed amount or a percentage amount.


There are some pros and cons which are given below:


3 S’s are there from which you can make out the pros of web hosting; Speed, Security, and Support.

  • You’ll click as unlimited WordPress installation and staging sites it’s also the feature of free installation. (Speed)
  • Prices aren’t locked in contracts. (Security)
  • The support team is out there 24×7. (Support)


  • There’s no email hosting on the cloud hosting platform.
  • There’s no instrument panel on cloud hosting.

Cloudways are fully managed and also a cloud-based web hosting provider. Overall it’s one of the cloud-based companies that maintain a balance between affordability and features.

Pricing of Cloudways

Cloudways has various plans, it gives you different and very many flexible plans that will be much affordable to you. It is having different plans which are supported by its partners:

    1. Vultr
    2. Linode
    3. Digital Ocean
    4. Google Cloud
    5. AWS, etc.

For Newbies, Linode and digital ocean basic plans are the most suitable plans, if you have a big business then you can prefer Google Cloud or AWS plans.


General Doubt You may get is: Why shouldn’t I prefer directly the above companies but instead go with Cloudways when it is also using their infrastructure of the above five cloud Providers?

Well, the answer for it is, Cloudways provides the best hosting support ever, You may get the hosting for a cheaper price if you opt directly but with the help of Cloudways, you wont need to spend time and also do complicated work. If you directly buy from above instead of Cloudways, then you would have to work all by yourself.

I would suggest you to first give a try with Cloudways, It has a free three-day trail and it can help you get familiar with cloudways. The free trial is applicable for DigitalOcean, Vultr, and Linode plans. The time period might look short but you can build servers and use cloudways features directly. You need not provide your MasterCard details also to get into a free trial.

I really love the flexibility and the rice of cloudways plans. It is Pay as you grow structure, so you need not have to pay for everything or get into high pricing plans but instead select specifically and pay for only them.

Cloudways Payments can be done through PayPal or Credit Cards. CLoudays also has a refund policy,the unused funds will be refunded if you request them in three months from the payment date.

Notable Features of Cloudways

  • Custom Controlling panel 

You will be able to serve through the panels of Cloudways once you create an account. It is very similar to the standard one but Cloudways custom is modern in itself. It is customized as an instrumental panel. You can easily get access to this panel. 

Cloudways Affiliate Review- Why promote Cloudways

App Management

Let’s mention the settings that you can find in Applications. Once you’ve acknowledged a server, you’ll be able to manage applications at your desired time; as an example, WordPress. Click on the Applications page. You’ll see various things via the tabs. 

If you are in lack of an online site name that is not yet mapped or the registration is not yet done, Then Cloudways provides a quick-lived URL. In this way, you’ll start building an online site and get access to the dashboard.

Cloudways provides a separate page where you can install SSL certificates in just a few clicks at no added cost. You can also buy them and then install the same.

Data restoration is just a click away, here.

Managing Server 

Once you’re through with fixing an application, you’ll start working on running the standard aspects of your blog categorized under Servers.

A specific page is available where you can monitor CPU usage. You should know that this is often vital as continuous high usages affect the website’s performance. Here, you will be able to configure your services simultaneously.

In the Security section, IP addresses can be restricted and blacklisted if required. If you’re a professional and know a few lines of code, you can even tweak SSH settings to your advantage.

Top-notch security protocols such as firewalls, offer additional protection for your invaluable data.

Backups occur regularly and can be configured to your preferences.

Managing Team

It gives you a good collaboration feature where you can add members as you wish and give them access to the extent you want.

  • Staging plus cloning

When you need something to test first and then make it a permanent thing on your website, Cloudway’s staging feature comes in handy. Try out the test and if all looks good, push it to your website.

  • Proficient caching

Cloudways providers are pro when it comes to supply SSD-based VPS and dedicated servers. Cloudways takes an advantage of several mechanisms that can optimize servers.

This company uses a plug-in named Breeze, which was developed by their team itself. The mentioned plug-in can easily be configured as per individual preferences.

CloudWays gives you access to lightning-fast speeds, by storing your sites on servers all over the world. Though this benefit cannot be availed of for free, it is available at a minimal cost.

  • Vertical scaling Feature

If you’d wish to upgrade a server, you’ll boost your server benefits with only a couple of clicks by Vertical Scaling. Scaling works both ways, which may be an honest thing. You can downgrade any previous hosting plan.

  • Customer support

If you ever run into an obstacle, the responsive Cloudways customer support team has got your back. They can be accessed 24 x 7 and you can drop them a text, call or email with your queries regarding Cloudways.

If you need something urgently, you can check out their all-encompassing blog that is very detailed and has solutions to common problems encountered.

Quick Links:

FAQs | Cloudways Affiliate Review

👉What sorts of hosting plans are offered by Cloudways?

Cloudways offers just one sort of plan: managed cloud hosting. The sole differences in packages are the amounts of RAM, storage and bandwidth, and number of CPUs. Prices vary between $7 a month to only over $700 per month. There are not any shared hosting plans or dedicated servers available.

👉If my company outgrows it, can I upgrade an existing subscription of Cloudways?

Yes! If you are subscribed to Google Server or AWS, you can upscale your requirements of server RAM, bandwidth, and much more.

👉Is Cloudways an honest choice for a WordPress site?

There is a selected managed hosting plan for WordPress sites available through Cloudways. There are many features like pre-installed WP-CLI, URL's, Git integration, etc. It migrates free for the sites which are already in existence. It is one of the highest recommended WordPress hosts in Bitcatcha. Showing one link but no words are showing as highlighted.

What Other Affiliates Say About Cloudways Affiliate Program?

Cloudways is one of my favorite affiliate programs because I feel like they are partners in our success. They offer greater earnings & recurring commissions and most detailed, accurate tracking in the business. I happily recommend Cloudways to my readers because I am a proud customer.

Founder at


We are satisfied with our monthly earnings and working hard to spread the excellent services provided by Cloudways and its team of qualified engineers to offer the best technical support in the market. The Cloudways affiliation system with recurring payment is the most advantageous on the market.

Marketing Manager at


Cloudways affiliate program is easy to get started and the great complementary product makes it easier to earn a higher commission. In my experience with them, they have a great team which helps with graphics and suggest new strategies now and then. A great web hosting affiliate program to be part of.

Harsh Agrawal
Blog Scientist –

Cloudways Affiliate Review Verdict: Is It Worth For The Affiliates? 

In the end, we would say that the Cloudways Affiliate Program is one of the best and highest paying programs with various slabs.

If you need high monthly earnings and faster payout, Cloudways Affiliate Program is worth it. Click on the link below to become Cloudways Affiliate.

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