Cloudways Review 2021 | Is It A Reliable Web Host Provider?

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Ease of Setup


  • Choose From 5 Cloud Hosting Services
  • Insanely Fast Servers
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • One Click Staging For WordPress
  • Free WordPress Caching Plugin
  • Free WordPress Caching Plugin
  • 24/7 Support & Live Chat
  • Built-in Advanced Caches
  • Private Slack Channel
  • 24/7 Real-time Monitoring


  • Doesn’t Include Email Hosting
  • Can’t Register a Domain Name
  • Lacks File Manager

I would personally conclude that Cloudways is one of the highly recommended hosting sites anybody can choose for. Go for it and experience yourself. One of the benefits is that it is user friendly and so every individual will love to use it.

Price:$ 10

If you are in need of a managed WordPress host that will give you amazing performance and is super reliable. This Cloudways review will help you understand that Cloudways will be your perfect option.

With great features and high operation powers, cloudways doesn’t cost much, it is totally budget-friendly and will fit right into your financial funds.

This is a platform that will give you the speed that your website needs and the security systems of this platform are of high quality that will keep all of your data safe and secure including important files and folders on the website.

If you are wondering what exactly managed cloud hosting platforms are, let me give you a brief about them.

In managed hosting, a third party or a company handles your business for you and does all the difficult parts for you. They will help you with various issues like problem-solving and maintaining your website.

They will take care of all the details involved in your business, they will ensure regular backups and even take care of your business in case of a disaster, basically, they are always ready if some disaster takes place they will make sure that they successfully back things up and retrieve all the data so that your business never comes to a pause because of the disaster. 

Cloudways awards and recognitions- cloudways reviews

Cloudways Testimonials and reviws

Finding a well-managed cloud hosting platform can be a hard thing but as we know Cloudways are integrated with the outstanding and marvelous WordPress which everyone knows that can be trusted easily.

Cloudways will ensure that your life is made easy and your business is running as smooth as butter. 

Bottom Line Upfront:  Cloudways is one of the best hosting managers for WordPress, it has lots of unique features. The pricing of Cloudways is affordable for the user. Cloudways will give you the speed that your website needs and the security systems of this platform are of high quality. So you just have to get Cloudways Now.

Cloudways Review 2021 | Is It Worth The Hype?

About Cloudways

Cloudways is a platform that offers all its users functions with affordability, Cloudways ensures that every single thing is managed and the speed is up to the mark.

They believe in getting the most out of your business and bringing it to its fullest potential. To make your business operating easier, they take over all the overwhelming and hard work and do it for you, isn’t that just great?

Just sit and watch a remarkable managed hosting platform make your business do wonders.

The servers of Cloudways consist of an excellent set of features that will make impromptu every aspect of your business. They have many great things to offer, their infrastructure is built in a way that you will get 100 percent from 3 sections that are fast speed, high performance, and security levels.

Cloudways-Managed-Cloud-Hosting-Cloudways Review

Their mission is to ensure that all their customers are stress-free and are not involved in the headaches of hosting business.

They will help your business grow and then the sky will be your limit. They will make certain that whatever is there about your business, is safe and secure and they will keep all important information confidential.

Their team members are available at your assistance 24 by 7. The reviews of Cloudways given by the satisfied customers available on their official website are like live proof to you that this platform is great and will help you to the fullest.

No doubt that you will come across many companies offering you similar features but the uniqueness that Cloudways possesses in every feature will blow your mind and boost your business. 

A great thing about Cloudways is that they work with your in-house team and will coordinate with them to get you the perfect results and great outcomes in your business, they will increase your profits and the number of sales in your business giving you a valuable offer and they will make all this possible while keeping the confidentiality and security in the track. 

Managed WordPress hosting 

The greatest thing about Cloudways as mentioned before is that it offers managed cloud hosting services for WordPress websites, on this platform several copies of your desired data are duplicated overall the database or center that you will choose for your business. 

So, what this means in layman language is that if in case your main server is crashed cloudways will make sure that you instantly have your site ready on a different server, basically, the duplicated data will become a new site on another server. 


Cloudways - Security - Cloudways Review

This is a very good thing about Cloudways and proves that this platform will never let your business go down and shows the reliability of Cloudways. This managed cloud hosting service will give you amazing performance levels and will make your path towards a highly profitable business. 

Specialty in Cloudways Hosting | Cloudways Review

Till now we know that cloudways are a great platform and will make our lives easier but let me tell you the reasons why this great platform is different and better than the other platforms that perform the same type of features and provide managed hosting solutions. 


Cloudways - Setting Up The Server

Let’s have a look at the specialty about Cloudways

  • The greatest thing is that with regular backups Cloudways reserve your website on various servers, but other similar platforms will just back up and in case you lose your website because of some kind of technical error or if the server goes down your customers won’t be able to access your website, and this loss will never take place with the outstanding and perfectly ready for any disaster, Cloudways.
  • If you want to migrate your website onto a new platform Cloudways can do that easily too as they keep duplicates of your website on different servers and this will make the migration process very simple.
  • The system of cloud hosting makes sure to improve uptime, as any one of the duplicated websites on any server can be used in different cases of disasters. 
  • The processing and the speed of Cloudways are comparatively faster than it’s alternatives, as the duplicate websites on the different servers will track the location of the customer and then use the server which is the nearest so that there are no delays.
  • Usually, the managed hosting solutions which are cloud-based provide a better form of security in comparison to the other ways of managed hosting. 
  • And this amazing platform makes use of various techniques to ensure safety in processing your WordPress website. And security is a very essential part, anything and everything we do needs protection. Cloudways is like police, it will keep you safe and make sure you get all that you deserve. 
  • In the case of huge traffic on your website, cloudways hold the capability to scale every promptly and will immediately work to keep the speed of the servers balanced.
  • If you look at the aspect of pricing, using cloudways you have much better control over that.
  • All the reserves that your business needs are available ready to utilize with cloudways.


Main Features of Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting 



24 by 7 human support

The cloudways team is always available for your needs and will help you whenever you want and if you are a late-night worker and you face some issue at 2 am their team will be available for your assistance, for them, their customers are a priority, and they want to make sure that you are always tension-free, with zero problems and no stress.

I feel that this is a great thing, as personally whenever I’ll feel that I have any problem their team will provide me with the best answers and will solve every issue that arises in front of me. They are available totally free of charge.

Pay as you go

This is one of the best payment options available on the internet if you don’t believe me have a look at the things that you have to pay for. 

ONLY WHAT YOU USE, you heard it right, you don’t have to pay for facilities or services that you don’t utilize but pay for the things that you use.

Usually, other similar platforms will cost you for certain packs or plans that provide selected features, and you might end up paying for features that you will never use. So this payment option will make sure that you will pay for only the things that you are using and not for any extra features.

This will make sure you are not overspending or spending unnecessary money on features that are useless for you. 

Migration service

Cloudways Migration service- Cloudways review

This feature is great is you wish to change the platform of your managed hosting solution, the experts in Cloudways and their teams give you the facility to change your platform or website.

As I told you before that Cloudways create duplicate websites on various servers so we know that the migration process offered by Cloudways will be very efficient and speedy, what Cloudways usually does is that it hires people and they build a temporary domain for you and later they help you in the process to go live.

Then your website can be available for all your customers safe and secure for usage and to bring great prosperity on your way.

Unlimited applications

Cloudways offer you a great feature using which you can host multiple applications on a single server, you don’t have to worry about building or creating various applications on various servers, but you can do so on one server without any kind of issues.

Cloudways bot 

The bot in cloudways allows you to view all the insights about your website, the insights include the details about your servers, applications, and account.

These insights help you understand the levels of your profit and other things that are included in your business and information about the managed cloud hosting. 

Free SSL certificates 

Cloudways SSL Cerificates- cloudways review

If you are not sure what SSL certificates are, I will explain to you, SSL certificates are utilized to establish a channel that is encrypted and this channel is established between the server and you, you being their customer here.

These kinds of certificates make sure that your rivals are not spying on your website or data. They keel your site safe from all types of security issues and provide a very safe network that is free from malware.

All the important details such as the information about credit or debit cards, various payment options, passwords, and login ids see kept safe because of the SSL certificate.

Cloudways provides the SSL certificate at no cost. Which I find really amazing, this high level of security without any extra cost is just great. 

Team collaboration

Cloudways give you an option using which you can easily create collaborations with your team members and then work with the team, you can invite whoever you want and then work with them on various projects.

This reduces the load of the work that has to be done on a certain project and makes everything smoother and easier. As it’s said teams always bring better results than solo people. 

Automatic backups

Cloudways will maintain a regular backup of all your important files, and keep them very safe so that you never have to worry about losing the data and never getting it back.

In case of any kind of loss of data or data getting erased Cloudways will make sure that you have the chance to get all the data and information back without any hassles or issues.

Instantly all your data will be procured and another amazing thing is that these backups are available to you offline, so if you have internet issues and you need to access your data cloudways backup system has made it possible for you, as all the data is available offline having access to them will never be a problem. 

Immediate disaster management

Cloudways with its extensive features and great backup plans it has got you covered in every area including disaster management. Yes, you heard it right they will help you in case of an emergency. Their plans include all types of ifs and buts.

No matter what kind of a problem arises in front of your business, they will clear all your hurdles. The best thing is that your business will never come to a halt your customers will always be able to access all your products and services because they duplicate your website on different servers and if one goes down the other one is perfectly ready to use.

And if you lose data or your files are erased they will give you instant backups and will never let your profits stop, they will continue to come and it does not matter if you are in the middle of a crisis or in between a big emergency cloudways will make sure your income does not stop and your business continued to bloom.

Automatic healing

This feature never lets your site crash and will make sure in case of such a mishappening that it is retrieved immediately for the use of your customers and it will never let your business face glitches, it will run smoothly accumulating profits and increasing your values. 


As Cloudways work on the CDN it improved the speed at a good rate. And having high speed online stores is highly important in this generation filled with impatient people.

Cloudways performance and speed- Cloudways review

Nobody likes a slow speed in their shopping process everybody wants everything to happen at a very fast pace just like the pace at which they are revolving around the world. People these days are always in a hurry and tend to get frustrated easily, therefore having a speedy website matters a lot. 

Two-factor authentication

Cloudways understand the importance of security and privacy, thus they have also put in two-factor authentication. It works as an additional layer created for security and it prevents security breaches and invaders trying to login into your website.

In two-factor authentication, cloudways sends an encrypted code that can be used only once to log in, this code is also known as a one-time password, and access will be giving after the code has been successfully entered. After one use the code becomes just a series of numbers and can’t be reused to login. 

One-click installation for apps

You don’t have to follow any long process but just click on one single button and voila you are done with the process of installing the apps.

New sites

Cloudways love to keep your work easy and hassle-free therefore it gives you an option using which you can create new sites on various servers very easily with not more than a single click. 


The security and privacy levels of Cloudways are very high and they make sure that nobody is eavesdropping on your data and everything is kept confidential.

Their firewall setups are great and will never let any kind of malware pass through the security system. Your customers and you both are given 100 percent security and safety and they make sure that none of the important data is being disclosed or misused against you or your customers. 

Is Cloudways Good for e-Commerce Hosting?

The managed hosting solutions of cloudways are exceptional and they help in making the process of sales very simple. The features that they have to offer are more likely to be better than other similar platforms.

Cloudways is currently hosting more than ten thousand eCommerce platforms. 

Customer Support | Cloudways Review

For any sight to run properly and smoothly, it is important that customers should be satisfied. It is even more important than the support which is given by the hosting sites is at its best.

Customers who are using the Cloudways are always relieved and in the best way to use it as it gives immediate response and support. Even when people are approaching for services, they ask for its after-service support. If customer support is at its best, they are willing to get on it.

Cloudways reviews 2021

Cloudways makes sure that customer service is on point without delay of time.

There are chances when in an individual there are problems with the server getting down it makes sure that it works the perfect way and does not bring obligations to your work.

Apart from that in case of any problems issuing, it is resolved with no time. Delay of time is out of the concern and so that your work does not have to face hurdles. 

Cloudways is not just hosting power but it has the best crowd for the support of it. Especially in the world of freelancers where people are looking for it, they can just chat and hire any freelancers.

Cloudways makes sure that trafficking is neven an obligation for working with WordPress.

Cloudways provides a different section named “support centre” where it makes sure that every question asked by people is resolved and not left unquestioned. There are sections of FAQ’s where people ask various questions regarding Cloudways.

Cloudways wiordpress hosting- cloudways review

Some so many newbies are very much new to working on Cloudways and they need support. They asked direct questions to the support centre and it answered with no time.

Such a great service is served by it. To my personal experience, it is one of the greatest supporters of your WordPress domain hosting. Not only this but under the support section, there are various sectors where we can seek help. 

One of them is Knowledge Base.

Under the title of the knowledge base, it solves your technical problems facing the cloudways or it answers the questions regarding the cloudways which you are having any doubts about. Well, I must say that it is one of the well-developed sites where people rely on blindly. There is a section of FAQ’s where every type of question is asked, may it be very small. It makes sure to be solved. 

The frequently asked questions are listed down so people don’t have to ask again and again and we can just have a look at it and get answers. This not only saves time but also we are on time-saving mode. 

Even when you are dissatisfied with the services, it has options provided if we still need precise help. You can easily log in to the instant help service centre and resolve your problems. Isn’t that amazing? The various support systems are provided with a lot many options to get solutions only for you.

There is continuous monitoring going on where the ratio and statistics of better usage by people are observed and controlled. 

Ease of use

Cloudways is not for the one with great technical knowledge but also with non-technical backgrounds.

As Cloudways is one of the greatest supported domain hostings, it makes sure that everybody can use it in a great way and in a proper manner. I believe that people with any background should use it if they own a WordPress site.

GIF cloudways

Moreover, Cloudways makes sure that it has got back for everybody. It has no restriction of not letting use for other people as it provides ease of use to everybody. Getting to know more about Cloudways makes it easier to use.

Let’s binge on that it has the fabulous mode of using it for every person who owns a WordPress site. When you open it for the first time, you can easily log in to the site where you can always opt for a free trial and only pay if you feel that it is perfect for you.

The only thing you need to take care of is to be specific about the login plans that you opt for and you can easily run by few clicks on it. Not only that but Cloudways supports the one-click application installation for the various sites and one of them is WordPress.

It also supports the CMS and PHP works. Now, there is no rocket science to install these applications but it ultimately saves time in your work. Not only is it easy to use but also it takes care of the performance and its speed to make sure our work is not delayed. 

Delayed work is the biggest disappointment and thus it makes sure that it does not let people work in delayed time. It has the minimum uptime for speed and performance.

It has a minimum loading speed where most of the people get irritated and just decide to give up.

Cloudways makes sure that it does not make people do that.

According to my experience on Cloudways, it is one of these best sources where apart from its features it has the responsibility for our performance and speed of working.

In case of emergency, if you want to work from your mobile phone, it does not restrict or compromise the use of it. It justifies both modes of gadgets in terms of speed, performance, and features. 

As one of its benefits is that it serves the world and every corner of people can use it and get the best experience out of it. 

Cloudways Customer Reviews & Testimonials

For any host to develop and motivate it in the best ways it must get the best reviews. Till now I never heard of Cloudways getting down from the people. There are a bunch of genuine people reviews about the Cloudways honestly.

Cloudways review 2021- what customers say

Cloudways customer reviews 2021

Not only does it get reviewed on its site or google but people put out reviews on different social media platforms and write about it on blogs. Blogs are made for the reviews so people don’t have to try and then judge.

They can directly start working on the Cloudways by reading reviews. 

People constantly review their customer support and the services provided by it. The maximum comments are on the after service customer support from the Cloudways to the people.

There are various testimonials written as a review where people acknowledge the services and their support.

Most people look for a helper when their hosting is managed perfectly.

Cloudways provide the best hosting management and the support provided by it. Customer ratings are categorized in different ways which include an overall review. Reviews are surveyed and then put up as an average review from every part of the corner. 

Different categories of ratings, I am mentioning down below where you can get an idea of using it. 

The relativity level is beyond perfection and one of the important things to use it before anyone gets to know about the Cloudways. 

Its reliability ratings are 9.4/10. One of the best ratings for Cloudways. 

Cloudways Review- Testamonials

When it comes to payment of the Cloudways, it has the best prices and it is worth every penny. The reviews about the pricings are 9.2/10 which shows that maximum people are ready to spend as it is considered the best-managed hosting domain supporter. 

As Cloudways is known for its support and the after support services, people using it must review it perfectly and nicely so that new people around do not have to find it from elsewhere.

As we all know how supportive Cloudways are when it comes to supporting the people.

It has one of the best ratings from the people. People rated 9.4/10 for customer services and support which is one the greatest factor for any site. 

Pricing | How Much Does Cloudways Cost?

As we all know that before taking any plans how is it important to know the prices as various types of questions arise that is this much price worth paying?

Does it provide the services which justify the price we pay for?

All the questions in our mind justify when you experience the services from it. 



Let’s dig into the pricing of the cloudways where we all can clear our mind to a bunch of questions. 

To clear our mind of how and what kind of features does cloudways conduct? 

It provides a free trial and lets us enjoy all uses so that we can make sure of using it or not. It has the best various features where we can easily work and get the best benefits out of it. After the free trial is over the charges are $10 per month for the usage and you get the best basic features where you can work freely and hassle-free. 

These are the basic rates where you get the benefits of a support system live 24×7 and can have the best features for the best usage.

This price is worth the pay as you get the best out of it. There are even pieces of training available in the form of documentation and one person training. Apart from that various tutorials are present in case anyone needs technical support for the use. 

As we have discussed it has all the best features and customer service, we should trust it with the blindfold and can pay with all the trust.

Pros and Cons 

We all know that the pros and cons are supposed to be there. We can get clarity in using it for our purpose. 

Let’s get into the pros and cons of the Cloudways:

Cloudways PROS:

The first and foremost benefit I find is that it has trial periods for the user so that one can judge and easily use it with clarity

  • It consists of a one-click instalment for WordPress hosting and its sites by which WordPress is fully set for better usage.
  • You can easily migrate the sites and by any number of times. You can do that unlimited times and at no cost. 
  • You have to pay as you go for pricing. There are no fixed contracts and fixed amounts that have to be paid compulsory to use. I think it justifies every payment term and its benefits. 
  • As discussed earlier it has the best support team and it responds immediately with no time delay. It has got the best support ways for the people when in the problem.
  • It has all the services with promising and user-friendly features around, there may be many features but each of them represents the best out of it. 
  • It makes sure that the one who is using the WordPress domain hosting, they don’t face any issues while working as they have developed that one will not get any issues from Cloudways, it may be internet speed as well as the performance rate.
  • It has a genuine crowd developed for the usage of it so that it is used in the proper way possible and it is not misused. 
  • It is highly affordable as it justifies the amount paid as well as the service they provide to us. 
  • It is highly user friendly and anyone from a different background can use it. 

Cloudways CONS:

  • One of the cons of Cloudways is that it has no email hosting or attached emailing services. It is deprived of that service. You cannot attach an email to it nor you and link it.
  • Cloud hosting lacks a cPanel or Plesk control panel which is one of the best uses of it.
  • Though it is user friendly, sometimes it requires the user to gain some knowledge first and then one can use it properly.

As per my knowledge and experience, I feel these are some of the cons which we should avoid. 

Cloudways Alternatives & Competitors:

1. Siteground

Siteground is the most sacred web hosting service that can allow you to build and deploy web applications. Siteground works like storage on a web server of websites where all files of your websites are allocated.

2. ServerPilot

It is the most sacred web hosting service that can allow you to build and deploy web applications. Siteground works like storage on a web server of websites where all files of your websites are allocated.

3. WpEngine

This platform offers features and services that go beyond just organizing or hosting. More than five hundred thousand digital experiences are currently powered with an amazing and outstanding WP engine.

4. WPX Hosting

WPx works on the platforms and servers of the great and famous WordPress which ensures that this platform is trustworthy and it will give you a very fast speed in performance levels

FAQs On Cloudways Review:

✅ What makes cloudways hosting sites unique?

Well as I have discussed every inch of cloudways, it is the recommended site I find and discover. One of the features is that it has customer service 24×7 and it solves your query any time with no delay. It does not let you go and wait for it to solve. Not only that but apart from this, it has no rocket science to use. This makes it unique from other sites.

🎉 Is Cloudways shared hosting?

Cloudways offer various types of hosting including Sharing, VPS, Reseller and Cloud hosting solution for WordPress. Even the shared hosting servers are fast and high speed.

⚡ What Payment Methods Do Cloudways Accept?

Cloudways accept various payment methods including Visa, Credit Card and Debit Card. It also includes PayPal.

✔ Does Cloudways have cPanel?

Since Cloudways is a cloud hosting service, it does not require any cPanel.

💼 Does Cloudways Offer Free Hosting?

Cloudways does not offer free hosting but it offers a 3-day free trial.

⚡ What other providers are benefitted from Cloudways?

Yes, almost five different providers which Cloudways supports and they are: DigitalOcean Linode Google computer engine Amazon web service Vultr

👉 What are the payment terms of issuing Cloudways?

So generally sites like these or any other services, are into prepaid plans. Unlike Cloudways, it believes in postpaid plans. Every month an invoice is generated and given to a user. Not only these but they even have a money-back guaranteed plan if the customer is not satisfied or happy with the services.

🎉 Is Cloudways Good For WordPress websites?

Cloudways is tailor-made of the WordPress users because it offers wide functionalities and fast servers, quick backups along with CDN caching.

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Conclusion: Is Cloudways The Best WordPress Hosting Platform? Cloudways Review 2021

Before jumping to the conclusion of whether to use it or avoid it.

First I would like to suggest to you all to think whether Cloudways are the feature to be used or not for your WordPress domain? Is it worth using or not?

What was your reaction when you read the whole article? If your answers to some of the questions are positive then definitely you should go for it and use it as much as you can. I believe it is highly beneficial and manages your WordPress domain, unlike anything. 

I would personally conclude that Cloudways is one of the highly recommended hosting sites anybody can choose for. Go for it and experience yourself.

One of the benefits is that it is user friendly and so every individual will love to use it. I believe experience speaks louder than words, why don’t we all try it? It has no harm to trying and investing. 

Though if you have any questions regarding it, let’s binge into some frequently asked question section where you can have some overview. 

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6 thoughts on “Cloudways Review 2021 | Is It A Reliable Web Host Provider?”

  1. Cloudways is a leading provider of managed cloud services. It allows you to host your website, blog or e-commerce store on a scalable and highly-available cloud platform, with a single click.

  2. There’s a lot to like about Cloudways. The service has flexible cloud hosting plans, fast setup times, top-notch web-based customer support, and excellent uptime. It’s a company you can count on to keep your site up and running to services that offer those items.

  3. I’ve been using Cloudways since long and I’d like to say that Cloudways is one of the few companies that offer a great balance between affordability and great functionality when it comes to cloud-based managed WordPress hosting. Their WordPress cloud servers come with a fantastic feature set, and you can scale hosting resources as your website grows.

  4. Cloudways is a cloud hosting company that has an innovative approach to server management, which reduces the time and cost on the server management and troubleshooting.

  5. Cloudways doesn’t offer clients domains name enrollment, for free or for a charge. That implies before you join to utilize their hosting services, you need to get a domain name through an third party. This should be improved

  6. CloudWays has definitely succeeded at bringing all the benefits to the table. They offer a killer managed WordPress hosting that takes a lot of the weight off the user’s shoulders. 
    its stability, reliability and the overall consistency of all the services they offer makes them exceptionally well out there. I strongly pursue everyone to try it out.

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