Cloudways vs ServerPilot 2021– Which One Has Better Functions, Pricing, Features

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Cloudways and ServerPilot are two of the most popular cloud hosting providers. Which is better for your business?

This blog post will explore the differences, so you can make an informed decision on which one to go with.

The following points will be discussed: pricing, features, reliability, customer service and more! Let’s get started!

Bottom Line Upfront-  ServerPilot is the easiest way to host your website on any of our server providers. It’s a cloud service for hosting WordPress and other PHP sites, so you don’t have worry about tech savvy stuff like setting up servers yourself!

Cloudways is the leading managed hosting provider that simplifies ecommerce for small businesses. With a wide range of tools and services, they’re able to provide everything you need in one place with zero hassle! Get started with Cloudways now.

cloudways customer review


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Pricing $10 $5
Best for

Cloudways is indeed meant to provide services in various areas, all at once! So their professional solutions can be tailor-made just for you and your requirements! With easy to use addons, integration, and a simple cPanel interface.

Serverpilot is a cloud-based web hosting platform for WordPress. With great functionality, they are known to have an exemplary performance with regards to not having to worry even if there is no network as it would give you an equally good performance and speed with the network is not available for a while.

  • Massive collection of over 60 data centers
  • In-built assistant build based on AI
  • The app and server monitoring facilities
  • Budget-friendly
  • Customer Service
  • Uptime
  • Multiple API support
  • Real-time server and health app notifications
  • Automated as well as on-demand backup
  • Customize and personalize servers
  • Multiple options infrastructures
  • Beginner-friendly
  • There is a unique IP address that is dedicated to every user
  • Hardware is allocated for every CloudWays user
  • Pay for only what you need!
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Very easy to use and navigate
  • Inbuilt firewalls are available to protect your websites
  • Provides exposure and research about new areas
  • The platform is very well documented
  • Do not provide professional emails.
  • Miss out on registration plans for your domain.
  • Backup services are more specific for your servers
  • Live customer support is currently not available
Ease of Use

Extremely easy to use, but you have to understand certain technical things for a smoother experience.

Easy To Manage Servers and quick registration.

Value For Money

Normal servers are an incredible value, as you scale your server up, the premium you pay also goes up and can get pricy

ServerPilot provides incredible value at such a lower price with faster servers.

Customer Support

Normal servers are an incredible value, as you scale your server up, the premium you pay also goes up and can get pricy

It’s not perfect though, I have some issues that they didn’t fix properly.

Check out Check out

More About This Article

We know that both of these platforms are indeed well-known, for their top-notch web hosting services. But we need not have to choose between them just yet!

So, let us get onto the main agenda of comparison so that we can get a clear idea of all of its features, benefits, uniqueness, drawbacks, and limitations.

With this, you will be able to present and justify yourself with your business expenses and be able to choose the ones that serve your unique needs to the maximum.

Learn more about how these 2 hosting services can help you stay on top in whichever industry you happen to be based in, as you will most definitely want to choose the foremost and most advanced hosting provider out there!

So, I urge you to read on as we vary each of the parameters of both Cloudways and ServerPilot. Most importantly, this must be done with an open mindset!

Want to know, what I am going to cover in this blog? Have a look at these questions-

  • What is Cloudways?
  • What is ServerPilot?
  • What are the different features offered by Cloudways vs ServerPilot?
  • What are the similar features offered by Cloudways vs ServerPilot?
  • What is the pricing of Cloudways?
  • What is the pricing of ServerPilot?
  • What is the cheaper clouding solution- Cloudways or ServerPilot?
  • Which platform is easy to use- Cloudways or ServerPilot?
  • What platform has a better Uptime?
  • What one do we recommend Cloudways vs ServerPilot?

Cloudways vs ServerPilot 2021– Comparison

About Cloudways

When we think of a reputation, we must think of Cloudways. It has been amongst some of the most reputable platforms when it comes down to hosting services! Cloudways seems to receive a whole lot of appreciation from its vast base of customers in terms of its amazing features!

Striving to build a cost-effective platform, Cloudways offers you a free trial to help ensure that you only need to pay for the amount that you use. That way their platform stays cost-effective as you use their services to climb your own ladder of success.

How does Cloudways stay ahead of the game? They use a lot of AI-based features to cater to some excellent features and performance.

They make sure that their integrations and services remain efficient and easy to manage through these AI-based technology services! Cloudways also offers great deals and coupon codes, Find here.

What else does this company offer you? 24 hours around the clock, the customer service team works tirelessly to respond to your problems. In this manner, they ensure guaranteed support.

Yes, Cloudways is indeed meant to provide services in various areas, all at once! So their professional solutions can be tailor-made just for you and your requirements! With easy to use addons, integration, and a simple cPanel interface.

Cloudways vs ServerPilot - cloudways

About ServerPilot

Serverpilot is a cloud-based web hosting platform for WordPress.

With a growth in the preference of having a cloud-based platform for your website to host, they are known for their exemplary service and the amount of help that it would usually do for hosting your website.

With an easy-to-use and easy-to-navigate platform, it is known for no extra server load which is a bonus if you are looking at a web hosting platform that would function smoothly.

With great functionality, they are known to have an exemplary performance with regards to not having to worry even if there is no network as it would give you an equally good performance and speed with the network is not available for a while.

And hence, known for a second to no support required.

The system is constructed in a way that you would never have complaints on how it is functioning because of regular updates ensuring there are no bugs obstructing the smooth functioning on the platform.

Lastly, known for its automation features, it was easy to use and install through the Coach Paid Plan which was as low as $10 per month which came around with the functionality of AutoSSL and Server Health Stats.

Assuring you have a smooth setup through their documentation process made simple and clear.

Cloudways vs ServerPilot - ServerPilot

Cloudways vs ServerPilot In Detailed Feature Comparison

Common Features CloudWays

How can you best understand which is right for you? By comparing them of course! We must weigh each and every detail of these services before coming to a conclusion on which one we want to use!

So, this is perhaps the best way to gain a complete understanding of both platforms. Let us dive into a detailed comparison and analysis of how these features are helpful. So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

  • Cloudways


Do you know what’s good about Cloudways and its pricing structure? It allows you to access their free trial for a few weeks. At that time you can get your website up and ready to go!

Afterwhich, you can pay a fair amount of 10 dollars a month, then you can keep your website running and on-air!

Ease of Use

The cPanel is configured in such a way that you can easily understand all of the platform configurations. It is made for those just starting out, it does not require any coding or backend knowledge.

Their application monitoring software will make sure that you learn all about their monitoring tools and other features that are built into the software.

Hosting features

These are some things that are generally included, but it provides for users to have server and configuration & customization options. With which phone and in-app support are also available for you! That I suppose would be the best part about the platform itself.


Of all things, this is the most important thing when it comes to hosting services. What else do we use to measure the quality of hosting service? With cloud ways, you are assured around 400 ms on even the worst days but on a good day, it can go up to 600 ms!



This is perhaps one of the major areas where CloudWays can brag about. Not only does it offer such great speed the Uptime is also not at all an issue! Yep! That is what makes them shine in the hosting services industry.

CloudWays is home to an extremely reliable cloud-based system.

Customer Service

That’s right. 24 hours a day. 365 days a year. CloudWays will NOT let you down! With super fast replies, CloudWays customer service will be sure to help you out. They offer custom solutions for any problem at all that you seem to be facing with their interface.

They offer a ticket system, chat support, and even email! So there is no need to worry in this section.




Taking the pricing point into consideration, Serverpilot is known to provide affordable pricing plans that can be easily purchased with the features that it comes with.

All payments are charged on the first day of the month and can be canceled in an easy way if you click on the cancel button on your dashboard.

Ease of use

Serverpilot is a platform that is known for hosting a cloud-based WordPress website that is very easy to use and navigate.

The platform is very well documented and in a way that it is easy for even beginners to understand and provides exposure and research about new areas to help your business grow.

Hosting features

With the pricing points being one key feature that customers would like, all of their plans include hosting features like serverless framework CLI, unlimited monitoring, troubleshooting, configuration management, unlimited CI/CD deployments,

and developers tools that follow a strict protocol of fair use policy.


With the platform that it is and is known for, they are known to provide one-click installation as well as 10x much better speed of loading of a website as well as a secured cloud-based platform that you may want to use.

They are known for fast, secure, and low support load for their users.


With the rating that has been received by their users, they are leaders for their uptime about 99.99% and also being a cloud-based web hosting platform, they are known to provide a great service in this aspect.

Customer service

One of the only means of getting in touch with their customer support team would be through the form on their page and raising a ticket regarding your concern/problems faced or by sending an email to their mail ID-


With most of the common features being compared, both of the platforms- Cloudways as well as Serverpilot function differently which is something that sets both the platforms apart.

With that being said, both of the platforms are really great in terms of all the common features that we have discussed and would completely be a game-changer to a point where it depends on what you are actually looking out for in a platform.

Unique Features


  • Budget-friendly. That is my favorite word. CloudWays make sure that you only need to pay for the services that you use, making this word have great meaning!
  • Lots of hosting services are known to charge for installations, or only provide the first one for free. But CloudWays provides as many as you want completely free of cost!
  • They have a massive collection of over 60 data centers that are scattered across the globe! This is indeed huge for ordinary hosting services.
  • They have an in-built assistant build based on AI, to help you out as you go. So you can get some real-time insights as soon as you need help.
  • The most useful of them all. The app and server monitoring facilities. In this way, your performance and efficiency should increase to a great extent.


  • Serverpilot is known for its multiple options infrastructures that you could invariably choose from.
  • They as a platform provide you with multiple API support as well as PHP options which is commendable for individuals with minimal knowledge of coding and HTML
  • You would get a real-time server and health app notifications through the platform that you could choose from.
  • With whatever pricing package, you would get automated as well as on-demand backup options to work with
  • Serverpilot is one of the very few platforms that will help you customize and personalize servers.
  • The platform is known to provide a monitoring event that generates the metrics views, alerts, invocation explorer, and invocation details for all your functions on your server.


Both the features they have and the unique features of both CloudWays and Serverpilot are unique and indeed set them apart from the crowd. But it is definitely agreeable that they are both quite close in terms of uniqueness and features, so the burden falls upon you to decide.

Pricing Cloudways vs ServerPilot

  • Cloudways

Cloudways Pricing Plans

  • ServerPilot

Pricing ServerPilot


In terms of Cloudways, there is no money-back guarantee but they certainly do provide a free trial of their hosting services showcasing the functions and features of their platform.

So if you are a startup or a business running on a budget, this might just be your platform.

However, Serverpilotis a very well-known web hosting platform, with the features that they provide you with, you could blindly opt for their features by subscribing to them, however, they do not have a free trial available.

They, however, provide a plan that is provided free of cost that is an assurance for the services that are being provided ensuring it is qualitative with several other features that you may want to consider with each of the pricing packages.

Pros and Cons Cloudways vs ServerPilot



Here are a few astounding advantages:

  • Pay for only what you need! The most budget-friendly platform out there!
  • Dedicated! Yes, the server’s hardware is allocated for every CloudWays user.
  • Also! There is a unique IP address that is dedicated to every user.
  • Beginner-friendly. Easy to understand interface.
  • A customer service team that is indeed second to none! As they work 24/7 to cater to your wishes and whims.


Sadly there are some drawbacks as well:

  • You will need to use the Gmail version of your brand name, as they do not provide professional emails.
  • They miss out on registration plans for your domain.



A few eye-catching advantages with the platform are:

  • Very easy to use and navigate
  • Inbuilt firewalls are available to protect your websites and regular updates
  • The platform is very well documented and in a way that it is easy for even beginners to understand
  • Provides exposure and research about new areas to help your business grow


A few areas that should be worked upon are:

  • Live customer support is currently not available by the platform
  • Backup services are more specific for your servers and may not work for the data


You would have to ensure that you consider both- the advantages as well as the disadvantages to ensure you have a complete outlook on what you would have to work on or get help in.

Something you should know about these platforms is that a free domain is not offered. This is actually a common feature that is offered by many service providers but was deemed not needed by these two platforms.

But its completely okay! As they both more than make up for it with the other great features!

FAQs | Cloudways vs ServerPilot

🔥 Which of these two is the right option?

This process is dependent upon the reason for which you want to use these services. This is a design that can only be made when you have a good background upon your business and a clear understanding of your requirements. Only with those two factors clearly stated can you think clearly and come to the right decision about which of these platforms is the right choice.

👉Will I be able to receive a free domain?

It is indeed well known that a lot of hosting service providers do give you a free domain. But that is not the case with either CloudWays or ServerPilot. But to most a free domain is not always essential and the other features often outweigh this one drawback.

🙌 Which of these lets me understand cPanel easily?

CPanel is very important to most users. Especially those without a coding background. But if you want customization you will need to know more in detail. With this regard, CloudWays offers a very basic and easily understandable cPanel interface. While on the other hand, Silverpilot bloggers an easily navigatable cPanel but would be able to help more only with some basic coding skills and knowledge.

🙎‍♀️ How long is Cloudways free trial?

They offer a 3-day trial period in order for you to get familiar with the platform.

🤷‍♂️ Is Cloudways worth?

Cloudways is one of the few companies that offer a great balance between affordability and great functionality when it comes to cloud-based managed WordPress hosting.

🙋‍♀️How long is ServerPilot free trial?

14 day trial period that begins when you sign up. No credit card is required. The trial period lets you test basic functionality to see how ServerPilot works.

Testimonials: Cloudways vs ServerPilot

Cloudways Customer Review


ServerPilot Customer Review

Customer Testimonials

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Final Verdict: Cloudways vs ServerPilot 2021

The battle between CloudWays and Serverpilot is definitely an intense one. They are very close in terms of features. But the goal was never to declare one as better than the other. As they seem to stack up well against each other the responsibility of choosing the right one lies completely on you!

The features, pricing, and other benefits are actually quite well matched against one another. So what must you do? You must carefully look through each and every one of the features, benefits, and drawbacks and come to a conclusion.

Yeah, in some ways CloudWays is indeed superior to Serverpilot but the opposite is also true and Serverpilot also trumps CloudWays in a few sectors.

Then it all comes down to personal choice and individual requirements.

So what more are you waiting for? Get started with one of these great hosting platforms!

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  1. Cloudways is for sure intended to offer types of assistance in different regions, at the same time! So their expert arrangements can be customized only for you and your prerequisites! With simple to utilize addons, coordination, and a straightforward cPanel interface.

  2. Cloudways is a fantastic hosting service that is best suited for any WordPress site. With great uptime, blazing fast speed, and a ton of features, Cloudways is worth the investment.
    Cloudways is a Managed Cloud Hosting Platform which is the best solution for your eCommerce store.

  3. Cloudways works according to the customer’s need, and I love the same thing about it! Vertical scaling lets you to add or take away server resources at any time, according to your needs. The “pay as you go” pricing structure lets you pay only for what you use, so you don’t have to pay extra for resources you won’t use later on.

    Highly recommended!

  4. When it comes to choosing a hosting provider, support should be a priority and Cloudways offers stellar customer support!
    If you need to get in contact with someone in support it can be done via live chat, or submit a ticket through the ticketing system and manage the progress of your query.

  5. I’ve never experienced fast loading pages but the help of Cloudways made that possible. All thanks to the multiple server setup and premium CDN services.
    There’s another advantage to cloudways that it provides with dedicated resources environment so your site is never affected by others!

  6. After using Cloudways I found that it’s not the easiest to use. The backend isn’t the most intuitive either – definitely geared towards more technical users, even if it’s better looking than cPanel.

    They should really work on this.

  7. The one thing I truly love about Cloudways is that it gives Free Site Migrations. Having someone to move your already existing site to a trustworthy cloud service is always great. Not to mention that it goes easy on your wallet and takes weight off your shoulders whereas BlueHost demands $150 for the same service.

  8. When it comes to me security is must and Cloudways certainly expels at it!
    Cloudways’ security measures include multiple platform-level firewalls on the servers as well as continuous monitoring.
    It also has two-factor authentication. Additional Cloudways security feature also allows you to blacklist or whitelist IP addresses 
    Simply love the security and I can easily trust Cloudways so can you!!

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