Cloudways vs WPx hosting vs WP Engine 2021: Which One Is The Best?

Need a managed hosting solution? But not sure which one will be best for you? Cloudways vs WPX Hosting vs WP Engine.

But what is a managed hosting? It is an Informative technology service provider. In this, a different third party person or company is involved and it is responsible for the administration of your business, they help in finding solutions and solving problems, they also keep a check on maintenance and make sure if anything needs to be modified they will do it. They furthermore organize the whole process and take care of every detail involved in it. The managed hosting also supplies the servers or a good cloud hosting environment for your business.

It offers management and organizations on different levels of control, they give many types of solutions and most importantly they provide a great level of security. And the best part of having a managed hosting solution is that they care about the backup of all important files and folders and if some kind of disaster takes place in the business or the company they will make sure that they prevent it, cure it and manage the whole situation.

Another super great thing is IT support. Almost all kinds of managed hosting solutions have an amazing level of IT support and they provide super simple solutions and keep all the tough parts to themselves. Usually, all managed hosting solutions have people who work 24/7 to fulfill your needs and requirements.

Overview : Cloudways vs WPx hosting vs WP Engine Comparison 2021


The Cloudways team believes in bringing the full potential out of your business or your company. They take away all the problematic things out of the process, such as setting up your website and making your website go live within a few seconds without giving you any kind of troubles. They make your life very easy and help your business grow, they will manage all your applications and websites and will keep a check on your interface. They will make sure everything is safe and secure and keep all important information confidential. The performance level of cloudways is super fast and will increase your profits at a great speed.


They will take all your worries back and make a stress free life for you. They are available at your assistance 24 by 7 and for all three hundred and sixty-five days. They will be there to solve all kinds of problems and find solutions for your problems whenever you need one no matter at what time.

They will work with your in-house team and get you the best results that you deserve. There are many great reviews available on their website which show how trustworthy they are and the kind of features they have to offer you and help you in your business and increase the profits and values in your company.

If you want to know if Cloudways is really worth your money? Then you must check out this detailed review of Cloudways, and know everything you need to know about Cloudways before making your purchase.


WPx Hosting:

This platform is known for all the great free stuff they offer. Let me tell you about the amazing free things that WPX Hosting has to offer to you:

  • FREE optimization of the speed of the website.
  • A FREE endless number of transferring of websites.
  • FREE super fast speed of CDN.
  • FREE malware detection and disposal each and every day.
  • FREE fixing of the website if the website is down.

WPx Hosting-Overview

The customer support service speed is so fast that they respond within thirty seconds of asking a query or need help with some other type of problem. The sweetest part about this manager of hosting platforms is that it helps many shelters, and donates with the charity to the homeless, abandoned, and disabled cats and dogs. With humans, they provide great help and support to animals like cats and dogs. They provide shelter to more than five hundred cats and dogs every single day.

WPx works on the platforms and servers of the great and famous WordPress which ensures that this platform is trustworthy and it will give you a very fast speed in performance levels. They are very secure and give assurance about the safety of your business or company. The website of WPx has all the information you need it will give you articles and many instructions for usage and it will help you in many aspects of your business. From billing to emailing they will handle everything for you and make your work minimal, you just have to sit and watch while your company or business prospers and creates huge numbers of profits

WP engine:

This platform offers features and services that go beyond just organizing or hosting. More than five hundred thousand digital experiences are currently powered with an amazing and outstanding WP engine. This is the first and the only available digital experience platform which is here for us by the popular and extraordinary WordPress.

They work on an outstanding level that is very reliable and the speed is unbelievably fast. Even the security degree is very safe and they will ensure perfect and incredible performance levels for your business or company and will help you prosper, evolve, and expand in your business.

WP Engine-Overview

They have formulated their platform on the basis of four incredible pillars. They are agility, performance, intelligence, and integration. So they will let you enjoy your life while they will do the work, you don’t have to worry or have stress about launches, they provide an extremely simple flow of work, the set up of your website will also be done by their team and they will keep a check on the maintenance for you. Not feeling like doing any work but still making great profits? Managed hosting solutions are for you and especially this one and only of its kind platform by the super popular and remarkable platform known as WordPress. I’m sure all of you know about the features of WordPress.

It will help you in many aspects such as:

  • Creative agility.
  • Enterprise performance.
  • Actionable intelligence.
  • Ecosystem integration.

This platform will be your vision.

Star rating and number of reviews (Cloudways vs WPx Hosting vs WP Engine 2021)


This platform is reviewed by 90 people and it has an amazing star rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 stars. Which is great and proves that this is an amazing platform.

WPx Hosting:

WPX Hosting has one hundred and thirty-three reviews and it has a star rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 stars. This is of course not more than cloudways but it is still a very good number of stars as it is obviously more than the average star rating of normal, managed hosting platforms. And it is just great.

WP engine:

WP Engine has been reviewed by forty-nine people and just like cloudways it has a star rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 stars and again this is an amazing number for star ratings and it shows the reliability and trustworthiness that this platform has

Verdict: The star rating of WPx hosting is 0.2 stars rating less than cloudways and WP engine, they both have a star rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 stars. In the area of star rating of course these two platforms are higher but the number of reviews given to WPx hosting is the highest which doesn’t prove anything other than the number of users using WPx hosting can be higher than the number of people using cloudways or WP engine.

Similar Features

All three platforms, cloudways, WPx hosting, and WP engine are categorized into managed hosting platforms and there are certain functions and traits that are available in all three platforms.

Such as:

SSL support or certificates:

If you are wondering what SSL is, let me tell you that SSL certificates are used to create a channel that is encrypted, this channel is created between the server and the customer ( customer here means you). They prevent eavesdropping and make sure that the connection is safe and secure for malware and all the data such as card details and login id are well protected. It makes sure that your website is monitored 24 by 7 to detect suspicious activities and assure safety.

Site migration: 

This is a good feature if you want to change your managed hosting platform. The expert teams working in all three platforms, cloudways, WPx Hosting, WP engine can provide you with easy and fast migration of platforms or websites. They usually assign people to create a temporary domain and once everything is checked they will help you go live. You can easily get your website to the servers of any of these platforms and start growing your profits and prospering in your business with their team.

Automatic backups: 

All three, cloudways, WPx Hosting, and WP engine have the feature of automatic backups. They will help you in keeping all the important and critical data safe and secure with their backups. In the case of any kind of disaster or loss of data, you will always have the opportunity to get it back with the automatic backup that takes place in all the three platforms, cloudways, WPx Hosting, and WP Engine. These backups are also available offline so you can access data even if you don’t have a network or internet connection, therefore you don’t have to worry about internet issues or instability of the network around the globe, you will always have access to the important data and information that have been backed up by these platforms, cloudways, WPx Hosting, and WP Engine all three are great and have outstanding backup plans.

24 by 7 support options:

This is one of the most wanted features, especially for people who prefer working at night and suddenly require help. These platforms cloudways, WPx Hosting, and WP Engine will be there for you to make sure you are free of troubles and are living a life that does not have any kind of worries.

Cloudways: it provides support from Experts All Day and they can be accessed Every Day. You do not have to stay in lines to settle the issues that arise or the problems that need instant solutions.

Cloudways-Customer Support

Because of the amazing support which is available to us by cloudways, we know that we are never alone and we will always get the help that we need instantly at any time of the day using the 24 by 7 live chat option all you need to do is type in the problem or the question you have and then their team will do the rest of the work. They also have 24 by 7 ticket support.

WPx Hosting: this platform is also available for 24 hours and 7 days a week and three hundred and sixty-five days of the year for you and your troubles. No matter what time, the festival, or day it is, the team of WPX Hosting will be there for you on 24 by 7 chat and ticket selection.

WPx Hosting-Customer Support

People who have knowledge about WordPress and hosting will always be there for your help and will solve all types of problems and issues that arise in front of you. If you ever get into a problem the experienced team of WPx hosting would do their best to solve your issue at any time of the day or night, no matter if it’s AM or PM they will be there for you and the response rate is as low as 30 seconds.

WP engine: even they offer support for all days and all hours in a year and even further. They are available for your help 24 by 7 by 365. Similar to WPx hosting, the WP Engine is supported by a team of trained and experienced experts who have learned all about WordPress and hosting online.

WP Engine-Customer Support

This professional team will always be there for the resolution of any kind of problem or matter. In certain cases like accidents or disasters, these experts will make sure that the issue is managed and resolved. They will keep all your worries away and will allow you to conduct a business that is totally free of stress and has many people working in making your life simpler and your profits higher.

Immediate disaster recovery between Cloudways, WP Engine & WPX Hosting


They have great disaster recovery plans to make sure that during any kind of mishappenings or crisis the data of your company or business and the important information and details such as login id and files are safe and can be easily recovered. They have plans for all types of possible accidents, be it transferring fail or loss of all data. They have you covered and will ensure that your business doesn’t face any kind of financial crisis or hardship and all their profits are still growing and not falling into the ground because of some small accident or some kind of minor crisis. Therefore the backup and the protection of data stay in one of the priorities for Cloudways.

You do not have to bother about your website crashing or going down. Most of the problems within the server are settled with auto-healing restarts

WPx Hosting:

They do have an automatic backup but they do not help in recovering of disasters immediately, in case of loss of data or important files they will try to retrieve them from the backup but in case of a major disaster, they will not provide anything immediately and might take their time to solve the problem.

WP Engine:

WP Engine believes in keeping all the work you do and the efforts you make safe and secure, and that all your data is kept intact and backed up and they also make sure that the company is running and your products and services are available to the customers no matter what the situation is. In case of an event of a disaster emergency, the WP engine will provide recovery immediately and make sure that nothing comes to stop because of an accident or a problem, they want that the company should continue to perform its functions and continue making profits in all kinds of circumstances and conditions.

Verdict: the disaster management of WP Engine can be better than cloudways, WPx hosting doesn’t have a proper disaster management plan but their backup plan can help in case of data loss. The other two platforms, cloudways, and WP engines have good plans available in case of accidents, crises, disasters, or any kind of data loss.

Other features

Other features in cloudways:

  • It has a dedicated environment.
  • The hosting is based on the SSD.
  • They have advanced caches already built in the hosting server.
  • PHP 7 server, this server is usually known to be having a speed that is faster than the others.
  • Cloudways CDN, this feature gets you the topmost performance and provides instant and quick responses.
  • They have automatic healing in case of some trouble on the website.
  • They have firewalls to ensure there are 100 percent protection and safety.
  • Security patching is also done regularly.
  • Two-factor authentication.
  • All their applications are kept up to date and everything is frequently updated.

Other features in WPx Hosting:

  • The backup can also be done manually.
  • They ensure that if we are not satisfied with the results we will receive money back within 30 days.

Other features in WP Engine:

  • PHP 7 to ensure fast speed.
  • Latest and modern infrastructure.
  • Powder by the platform of Google cloud.
  • Hardware firewalls.
  • Uptime monitoring
  • DDoS detection
  • Traffic load balancing
  • Dedicated account management
  • Growth planning
  • Dedicated onboarding

Pros and Cons

Pros of cloudways:

  • Free trial
  • They don’t put any limit on the number of sites that you can put up.
  • They have a system in which you can pay as you go, in cloudways, they take payment for only the things that you use and nothing extra.
  • All the apps and websites are very easy to manage and content management has been made easy too for us.
  • All the updates are done automatically to reduce the workload even more.
  • Website migration is totally free of cost and their team will easily do it for you.
  • Great support options

Pros of WPx Hosting:

  • They have a good speed.
  • They ensure daily backups.
  • They provide migration services.
  • They have email services.
  • Their dashboard is very easy to use and is user friendly.
  • The CDN is free of cost.
  • They have multiple data centers
  • The refund policies of WPx Hosting, they are very safe and quick.
  • They ensure the protection and security of websites and data.
  • They have great performance levels.
  • Their support system is very efficient.

Pros of WP engine:

  • Their staff is an expert.
  • If websites are hacked they will fix that without costing money.
  • They give a free 60 days trial
  • Caching technology which ensures fast loading of pages.
  • Updates are installed on their own.
  • The data backing up and restoring is free of cost.
  • Outstanding support response.
  • Very safe and secure hosting
  • They have a Free CDN which is globally applicable.

Cons of cloudways:

  • They don’t have a cPanel.
  • If you don’t have knowledge about hosting solutions it might be difficult for you to manage things on cloudways.
  • They don’t have any kind of email accounts
  • And the saddest part is that cloudways doesn’t offer domain registration either.

Cons of WPx Hosting:

  • No cPanel
  • Their hosting plan is very expensive
  • They don’t offer single site hosting

Cons of WP Engine:

  • Expensive plans
  • Doesn’t work on platforms that aren’t supported by WordPress.
  • Some of the plugins and themes cant be used.
  • If you exceed the number of storage or the number of visitors, they will charge extra.

Pricing Comparison Cloudways vs WPx Hosting vs WP Engine 2021

The below-mentioned prices are the entry-level prices of the following platforms, cloudways, WPx Hosting, and WP Engine.

Cloudways: 10 dollars or 733.18 Indian Rupees per month.


WPx Hosting: 30 dollars or 2,199.52 Indian Rupees per month.

WPx Hosting-Price


WP engine: 24.99 dollars or 1,832.39 Indian Rupees per month.

WP Engine-Price


Verdict: cloudways have the lowest initial level price, followed by WP engine and WPx hosting is the most expensive between these three platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) To Cloudways vs WPx Hosting vs WP Engine

👉 Is having a hosting solution compulsory?

No, having a managed hosting solution is not compulsory but these platforms make your life easy and your business grows at a faster rate with the help of experts.

👉 What is immediate disaster recovery?

Immediate disaster recovery ensures that in case of accident or crisis, the company is running and no data is lost.

👉 Are firewalls important?

Firewalls ensure complete security for your hosting servers and it is very important for the protection of data.

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Conclusion: Latest Cloudways vs WPx Hosting vs WP Engine Detailed Comparison 2021

All the platforms, Cloudways, WPX Hosting, and WP Engine are great and will help in making your life easier and smoother. They ensure that your business is growing and glowing.

The most have similar features but they differ in pricing and most importantly immediate recovery management, I believe that a hosting solution must have a kind of disaster management plan. You must look into the pricing as if a platform is offering all the features that you need at a lower price you should definitely go for it and start using that platform. The migration of websites is also available by all three platforms and it is great. All three platforms, Cloudways, WPX Hosting, and WP Engine have 24 by 7 support that makes the usage relatively better than the specific timings for customer support. If you are are on the budget and needs hosting for small businesses & medium enterprise then go with Cloudways. For higher end businesses WP Engine offers robust support.

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