Pressable Vs WP Engine Comparison 2021 Which Is Better ? (Free Trial)

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If you’re looking for a WP Engine alternative that can provide you with unparalleled performance and speed, 24/7 support, and scalable solutions for your business, then look no further than Pressable.

While the managed WordPress hosting field has grown vastly over the last 10 years, many of the early movers and shakers like WP Engine have lost sight of what really matters: you. There’s never been a better time to make the switch. So what makes Pressable your WP Engine alternative?

Pressable Vs WP Engine Detailed Comparison: Which Is Better? (Free Trial)

The Pressable Difference

Hosting companies mostly all provide the same services: a global CDN, caching, and daily backups. The real difference is in how these services perform, and how much-added value your host provides along with their standard service.

With larger hosts like WP Engine, much of this added value has faded away as they have expanded, leaving it as add-ons or next-tier features. But Pressable believes that basic support shouldn’t be considered a next-tier feature. Every day we have people coming to us commenting on the lack of support they receive at WP Engine, and we want to fix that. We want to be different. We want to be bold. We want to be where WordPress works best.

Pressable Review 2021: Why its better than WP Engine

Agencies are unique in the hosting industry. They fall into a category all their own: they may not be a fortune 500 businesses that manage their own gigantic website, but they’re also not a freelancer with only one client in their pocket.

Pressable Review wordpress hosting

Agencies manage multiple websites for multiple clients, all with differing amounts of page views and plugins. Some may even be out of date. So the features you get from an agency-specific host are unique to your wants and needs.


Scalability refers to the ability of your host’s server to scale or to accept and grow with an increase in traffic. Whether your traffic comes from sustained growth or a massive spike, your host should be able to allocate resources where and when they’re needed.

What does scalability mean for an agency? Let’s say one company on the host’s server gets a massive spike in traffic, going from 150 visits in an hour to 15,000 the next. If a host can’t manage their resources properly, this could mean a drop in performance, slow load times, or worse, a downed site.

pressable review for managed hosting

Where some hosts slow down to a crawl during traffic spikes, Pressable maintains consistent load times and data transfer speeds.

Performance, Speed, and Reliability

There are a variety of things that affect site performance and speed: a host’s server architecture, scalability, and CDN, just to name a few. But the things that a site’s performance effects are even more important: SEO, business retention, bounce rate, and more. If your site is running slow (or not at all), you could be losing customers, revenue, and growth opportunities.

How does Pressable ensure consistent speed, performance, and reliability? You may have seen us use the saying ‘Enterprise for All.’ That means that each one of our clients, from the $25/month plan to $5,000/month, all receive the same reliable server architecture, content delivery network (CDN), and performance. We don’t scale your site speed depending on your plan.

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By providing the same performance across the board for our clients, we ensure that their clients are happy, too. No more having eCommerce customers coming to you wondering why their site takes so long to load. No more worrying about poor performance or load errors for your highest-billing clients. Your sites will load and perform consistently throughout your time with Pressable.

This, of course, is in contrast to WP Engine’s load times, which, because of the high volume of traffic to their servers, are constantly in flux. You also might not even get a global CDN with your WP Engine subscription, as it’s only reserved for higher-tier plans. At Pressable, when we say ‘Enterprise for All,’ we mean it.


We hear the same thing over and over again from our customers that switch from WP Engine: “We didn’t receive the support we needed.’ Whether it’s slow (or nonexistent) ticket response times, lackluster customer care, or any number of reasons, WP Engine’s support team is not what it used to be. And there’s a good reason for that: the sheer volume of support tickets. WP Engine has exploded in popularity in recent years, only to leave customers feeling left out to dry when they need help with their site.

If you’re currently with WP Engine, try breaking something on your site and see how long it takes them to respond, if at all, and see if their WordPress experts can solve it in one go.

Pressable free jetpack

With Pressable support, you’ll have 24/7 access to our international support team of true WordPress experts. So no matter where or when you are, someone will be there to answer.

Our support team maintains a satisfaction rating over 95%, a badge we wear with pride. It’s not uncommon for our support team to reach out to a plugin developer to alert them of an issue in their code. It is common for our support team to complete your request in a timely, respectful manner. Currently, 84% of our chats go straight to a representative with no wait time at all. The 16% that had to queue only had to wait an average of three minutes before a response was issued. That’s support.

Do More with Pressable

While Pressable continues to offer support, scalability, and performance above and beyond the competition, we also provide more added value with your hosting service.

pressable vs WP Enginwe

SSL Certificates

SSL certificates are a must-have in the modern online landscape. While the hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) of years passed has fallen by the wayside, https has taken its place as the preferred method of data transfer online. It’s safer, more secure, and most importantly, search engines always knock sites without it.

Don’t have an SSL certificate on yours or your clients’ sites? Our team at Pressable will install one for you at no extra cost. Because we don’t just care about the safety of our servers. We care about the safety of your visitors, your clients, and your sites.

One-Click Cloning

What’s rule one of web development? Never mess with a live site. Rule two? Never mess with a live site. Rule three? Well, you get the idea. Site cloning is one of the most important features for a developer to have. It allows you to test new updates to a site, polish a new plugin, and even create new sites with ease.

pressable cloning

Pressable offers easy site cloning right from your control panel. This means your developers have the freedom to clone, adjust, and test with the click of a button. No more worrying about plugin compatibility. No more guessing. And no more tinkering with a live site.

Migrate Sites with Ease

Site migration is the bane of web hosting. You may be thinking about braving the switch to a new host as you read this article, but the thought of migrating sites is the only thing holding you back. And for good reason, too. Migrations can be tiresome. They can take a while if you don’t know what you’re doing. Plus, switching from host to host can also come with uptime issues.

But Pressable has mitigated those issues with our easy site migration plugin. Just install and migrate. It’s that easy. Once you’re on our servers, if any issues arise, our support team is only a click away in the control panel, ready and willing to help you with whatever you need.

But, if you don’t feel like going through that process, we’ll migrate your sites for you. Any size, any type, just put in a ticket, and our white-glove migration team will have your site data transferred in no time. It’s that easy.

Pressable Jetpack Premium…for Free

When it comes to added value, Pressable’s subscription to Jetpack Premium is unrivaled, especially by any WP Engine offerings. When you sign up for any hosting plan with Pressable, from $25 and beyond, you’ll receive a free subscription to JetpackPremium. That’s a $99/year value, absolutely free.

pressable review with coupon codes

What all comes with your subscription to Jetpack Premium?

  • A daily automatic backup of your site on top of Pressable’s backup. That’s two levels of backup security.
  • Automated spam filtering, malware scanning, and security fixes.
  • Lazy load images to increase site performance and speed.
  • Schedule and automate social media posts with ease.
  • SEO tools to help your site stay on page one.
  • Over 100 free WordPress themes, developed and maintained by some of the best developers around.
  • And much more.


WP Engine Pricing Plan

Wp Engine Annual Discount Offer

Community Resources to Help You Grow

Our Strategic Partner Program was created with our customers in mind. So if you need a service that we don’t offer, we can connect you with someone who does. You’ll find companies that run the gamut of digital experience, from web designers and marketing specialists to automation geeks and SEO gurus.

presssble managed wordpress hosting

And you’ll rest easy knowing that each one of our partners has been through a trial by fire to make sure they’re a good fit with our business, our culture, and most importantly, our platform. We meet with our partners regularly to discuss opportunities for growth in the WordPress environment, and to ensure that our overall goals still align.

Your New Normal

Imagine this: Dragging your feet into the office one morning, you get your cup of coffee and sit down to see your site traffic had a huge spike overnight and is still ticking upward. Thanks to Pressable’s ‘Enterprise for All’ architecture, your site is up and running strong, and shows no signs of slowing down.

When you look to see what caused the spike, you realize it was all thanks to a post you’d made some revisions to the day before. The SEO tools provided by Jetpack Premium suggested some changes to help boost visibility. Sure enough, it was right!

Now, one of your new developers is coming over. They’ve got two down sites and they’re not sure why. Flustered, they came to you for help, but you don’t have time to troubleshoot. You put in a support ticket to your host, Pressable, to see what went wrong on the site. You get a response right away, and before too long the issue is resolved. It turns out a plugin update had broken the site. The support team was able to find the issue, tell you how to fix it, and even notified the plugin developer of the issue.

Now a client is emailing asking if you provide automation services. ‘We’re just not that big yet,’ you think to yourself. ‘We don’t have the bandwidth to bring on an automation specialist.’ But then it hits you: Pressable introduced you to a strategic partner that provides automation services the week before. You call up your new connection and work out a deal, opening the doors to new business and new revenue for your company.

More than Managed WordPress Hosting

When it comes to hosting, don’t choose just another company that will leave you high and dry when you need them most. As we talk to clients, we consistently hear about poor performance and poor customer support at WP Engine. As these clients continue through their WP Engine subscription, their site speeds slowly decrease while their support ticket times increase.


pressable promo codes

This isn’t how hosting is supposed to be. We don’t just want to be your website host. We want to be your business partner. We want to provide an environment where your business can not only thrive, but grow.

Through our network of strategic partners, our value-added features, and our enterprise server architecture for all, we will further our goal of becoming the place where your business can thrive. Where WordPress works best. Where you can find a viable alternative to WP Engine.

So let’s get started with the detailed comparison:

Pressable VS WP Engine: Site Website

As a Pressable user, I was very impressed with the speed of the site. My average loading time from a previous hosting company that is (not indicated) was 5 to 14 seconds per page. So here the Pressable offers a good site loading speed. 

When I switched to Pressable, my speed on the same pages was reduced to less than 2 seconds. Even less than 1 second in small pages as well. So here you can see the difference. 

Page Load Time & Bounce Rates

Screenshot Credit: organic SEO traffic.

Site speed does not only improve the user experience of your website, but you will probably also notice a slight increase in your organic SEO traffic. Fast websites are an important ranking factor to be on top of Google. As of now, Google loves the fast website and if your website is slow then user experience will be bad and that will result in low traffic many other problems. 

So here comes WP Engine pride themselves on having dedicated WordPress teams that continually optimize the WordPress experience at the fastest possible speeds.

This clearly shows that former WP Engine customers are surprised by the dramatic increase in speed and the improvement in their website experience. According to my personal experience, the site loading speed of this host is very impressive and is actually better than Pressable. 

Pressable Vs WP Engine: User Experience

This category is for those who want to familiarize themselves “in some way” with the hosting server. If you work on the platform as often as you want, you can use the functions of your WordPress host.


And here I think the Pressable experience is easy. There are no luxuries. Select the website you want to edit/configure, and you have some options to stream live and edit the URLs. So here the user experience that is being offered by Pressable is very easy and straightforward. 

When you start, it is not as intuitive as I would like, but there is documentation and help to help you. In general quite simple without complaints. You will have a good user experience but in some cases, it lags actually. 

WP Engine:

WP Engine has a fairly intuitive interface. You can see dashboards for traffic, bandwidth, storage and more.

From the configuration of redirects to the configuration of your site, all documentation is readily available. For those who want to be more technical, there is much more than they can do.

The WP Engine dashboard seems to be “more complete.” It can be said that they spent a lot of time creating an easy-to-use experience. So here in this category, the real winner is WP Engine as here the user experience offered by WP Engine is extraordinary. 

Pressable vs WP Engine: SSL Certificates

Between these two hosting companies, they all offer free SSL certificates. However, if you want to have a subdomain, it can become sticky. So here is the basic comparison b/w Pressable and WP Engine. So let’s get started here. 

Pressable: To my knowledge, all SSL is free, regardless of the domain, subdomain or site. And really I have a good experience with Pressable as it never lets you down. 

WP Engine: SSL is free for each site. However, if you want to have subdomains, you must pay an SSL certificate if you want to use subdomains with your root domain. Depending on your SSL page, subdomains ( are configured for free SSL, unless you have a root domain (

These are also additional costs incurred by WP Engine (depends on the SSL obtained). This should not scare you, but help you identify expectations.

So here you can have some clear idea is that Pressable SSL Certificate is reliable and more straightforward. So the clear winner is Pressable. Here the WP Engine is not able to provide that much of value in terms of SSL Certificates.

Pressable Vs WP Engine  (Freebies Offered)

Both WordPress managed hosting companies offers value to its customers as they have partnered with various companies in order to provide you more value than competitors in order to offer discounts or freebies. The differences in freebies offered are varied actually, So let’s check here what are the freebies and discounts are being offered by these web hosting providers. 

 Pressable Freebies Offered

  1. Completely Free Migrations
  2. Consultive Onboarding
  3. Premium Jetpack Plugin ($99/year value)

 WP Engine Freebies Offered

  1. Genesis Framework ($60)
  2. StudioPress Themes ($70+)
  3. Unlimited Premium Themes
  4. Standard 24/7 Chat Support

So you can clear idea now WP Engine offers more value than Pressable in the market as here you can see that it offers access to Genesis Framework and StudioPress so here you can have access to thousands of themes. And using these freebies anyone can easily build a stunning and fully responsive website effortlessly. 

Pressable vs WP Engine: (What Other Benefits Offered By Pressable & WP Engine)

Both are excellent providers of managed WordPress hosting. I would say that most of you are interested in the most important comparisons, but I don’t want to neglect the other benefits that will benefit both managed WordPress hosts. So here is the list of other benefits that are being offered by Pressable & WP Engine. So here is the detailed comparison table of Pressable vs WP Engine.

Pressable vs WP Engine Comparison

Free preparation sites: ideal if you want to make changes before you start. On both platforms, it does not count as a “website.” You can easily create a free Staging website with Pressable  & WP Engine as well. 

Automatic backups: WP Engine has a one-click restore function that is pretty cool. You have to log in and restore a backup. With the Jetpack add-on and pressable automatic backups, you are well protected. SO here you’re getting automatic backups with Pressable & WP Engine. 

No add-on caching is required: both hosts have computers focused on maximum speed to have an optimized WordPress site right at your doorstep. So here no additional caching is required as both offers caching feature. 

Scanning Hacks Attempt: WP Engine has its own scanning software, while Pressable uses the Premium Jetpack plug-in to protect your site. So here you’re both ways protected. 

Free CDN: both sites offer free CDN from the beginning.

Multiple site configuration: both offer this, Pressable is included for free. Again you don’t need to go and purchase CDN here. 

SSL certificates: Both sites do a great job. Now also you don’t have to just go and get started with third-party SSL Certificates. 

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The Final Verdict: Is Pressable Better Alternative To WP Engine? Pressable Vs WP Engine

No doubt, WP Engine offers one of the most amazing hosting solutions. WP Engine surely is the complete hosting solution for WordPress but if you have just started and has less budget to spend, then I would recommend Pressable.

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Pressable outshines the WP Engine in this department and you can buy a jetpack premium for Pressable at a price of basic WP Engine. Try Pressable and WP Engine and you can choose your right hosting buddy!!

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