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If you want to host your WordPress website, you need to make sure that you choose a hosting company that will make your site run smoothly in the backend.

Shared hosting is a good start, but you will not be able to manage your site after some time. Then you needs something like “Pressidium Hosting”.

Pressidium Hosting was created by a team of experienced engineers and developers. The team consists of four colleagues who have worked together in a large telecommunications and media company. The team consists of computer experts, software engineers, and experienced developers.

With a global approach, they have servers in North America, Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia, and Oceania. In this post we are going to share about Pressidium Hosting Review with Discount Coupon 2021. 

Pressidium Hosting Detailed Review 2021: Should You Try This Hosting ?

About Pressidium

Pressidium was founded in 2013 by John Andriopoulos, Andrew George, Giannis Zachariadis and Filip Slavik. The parent company of Pressidium is TechIO Limited and is headquartered in London, UK.

Pressidium hosting review

Pressidium can set itself apart from other privileged perspectives that are maintained in the supervised WordPress moderation industry.

While one of the most advanced advances, it is undoubtedly one of the best business-specific WordPress-specific moderation deals. new technologies, the media. Communications, universities, computer-based organizations and Fortune 500.

Distributed worldwide, the company has servers in Europe, North America, Japan, Southeast Asia, and Oceania.

Pressidium offers powerful, managed WordPress hosting. The different plans are simple, lightning fast, highly secure and have the best technologies and innovations.

Pressidium must be one of the best-kept secrets of the WordPress-managed hosting space. You probably have never heard of them, but you should take a closer look!

Features of Pressidium

Managing a blog or WordPress website is hard enough to avoid dealing with a hosting provider that continues to cause a headache. That’s why you need a trusted partner like Pressidium to keep your WordPress site running smoothly.

Although relatively new in the world of managed WordPress hosting, Pressidium is managed by a team of experienced engineers and developers. Therefore, you can be sure that the services offered by this company comply with the standards of the web hosting industry.

Pressidium Features

Pressidium covers all important aspects of WP Managed Hosting. The various plans are simple, lightning fast, extremely secure and incorporate some of the best technology and innovation.

Business Architecture

Pressidium greatest strength lies in its state-of-the-art infrastructure, which proves to be one of the best on the market. This infrastructure generally consists of several surprising mini-features, the best of which is a 5-tier caching platform that enables the deployment of multiple layers of security, caching systems, and load balancing.

This allows all Pressidium customers to quickly access content, database query results, PHP objects and more.

Features of Pressidium

Other aspects of the infrastructure include:

  • Cloud hosting for all Pressidium sites where SSD storage was replicated with an almost unlimited number of storage nodes. This essentially allows quick and easy updating as well as improvements in terms of security and stability of performance.
  • Integrate CDN services on your WordPress site for optimal performance and speed.
  • An optimized PHP platform that can further improve website performance.
  • An SSL process that is speeded up for security.
  • Overall, the Pressidium infrastructure delivers a fully optimized website experience with ultra-fast speeds and outstanding performance with minimal or minimal issues such as downtime and hacking.

E-Commerce Functionality

Implementing an e-commerce site is very easy thanks to Pressidium and the WooCommerce WordPress add-in. WooCommerce is a good e-commerce solution for use with Pressidium because it is covered by the host company’s adaptive caching policies.

This means that your website loads faster, ensuring better page rank for your e-commerce store. Another reason to use Pressidium for your online store is the high quality hosting company.

Fast, Reliable, Free Field Transfer

Moving a WordPress site from one host to another is often expensive and difficult, especially if you do not have technical skills. However, Pressidium reduces the burden by doing the job for you without the need for an extra amount.

Simply submit a support ticket containing the URL, username, and password of your site, or a file archived with the Duplicator plug-in. And soon you will enjoy the benefits of your new hosting plan. you can also check our detailed review on A2 Hosting here

Performance & Update

The Bureau has data centers in different parts of the world, including:

  •         Japan
  •         North America
  •         South East Asia
  •         Europe
  •         Oceania

The servers are pretty powerful, so Pressidium can easily manage the load on all hosted sites without compromising performance. And that’s not all!

Incorporating a world-class load balancing system, multiple cached storage systems, a CDN and PHP acceleration system speeds up your website, enabling fast response times and additional data checks in seconds.

Managed WordPress Hosting

The implementation of an e-commerce site is very easy thanks to Pressidium and the add-on WordPress WooCommerce. WooCommerce is a good e-commerce solution for Pressidium, as it is covered by the host company’s adaptive caching policy.

This means that your website loads faster, which is a better time to publish the page.

As a result, use Pressidium.

The company has an availability guarantee of 99.95%. Pressidium even reaches up to 5% of its customers’ monthly fees (in the form of SLA credits) for each hour of inactivity to fulfill its promise of availability.

Security and Backup

With Pressidium, you no longer need to spend money on WordPress security plugins with the company’s fully integrated security system.

In addition to fully protected servers, the Pressidium security system provides secure file access via SFTP, a managed Web Application Firewall (WAF), web filtering, and a malware monitoring system that continuously parses files. Files. any threat online (hacks, cyber). Attacks, etc.).

Services and specializations

Pressidium offers professional WordPress hosting for small businesses and business customers. All plans include unlimited bandwidth, SSD storage, SSL and CDN support (this additional cost for some packages), enterprise architecture and its patented control panel.

The control panel offers one-click access to memory pages, automated backups, built-in PHPMyAdmin, cache management, statistics windows, and more. After configuration, Pressidium guarantees that your site will be implemented in 45 seconds.

Plans depend on how many WordPress sites your business needs to support, how many pages it needs, and how much storage space it needs. Your corporate hosting plan also includes a dedicated account manager for working with your computer and an available IP address.

It also offers a micro-plan, which includes less storage space and the number of reduced visitors. For customers who require additional WordPress installations or have other requirements, custom plans are also available.

Pressidium also offers business plans for business customers requiring dedicated clusters, additional security solutions, dedicated search solutions, or working directly with their in-house IT teams and DevOps.

Apparently, we still have no opinion on Pressidium.

Pressidium Architecture

more features

Pressidium sites are hosted in a cloud-based, replicated SSD storage with an almost infinite number of available storage nodes for easy and fast expansion. Their systems are used to increases speed and performance, including:

  • A tiered, multi-tiered caching platform with the best access to content, PHP objects, database query results, and more.
  • Embedded CDN services on your WordPress site for optimal performance and speed.
  • A PHP platform that has been optimized to improve website performance.
  • An accelerated SSL process for secure and accelerated surfing.

Malware & Advanced Safety

If some malware does not ignore the security of the company, Pressidium offers free cleaning services that eliminate the threat.

As an added security feature, Pressidium offers an automated backup system that performs daily backups of all pages on your site. This backup system protects against all unforeseen circumstances and ensures that you always have a copy of the pages of your website if there are any problems on your website.

WordPress Security

Pressidium uses industry best practices to ensure the security of your website. In fact, there are security procedures on many levels.

Billing and Payment terms

Pressidium accepts all common payment methods. Payment must be made before service unless otherwise stated. An automatic payment is usually required and can be withdrawn up to one week before the account expires.

In the event of non-payment, Pressidium reserves the right to suspend or cancel the service. In this case, the content of the Website will be kept in accordance with the Company’s standard backup procedures and can be retrieved for a specified period of time.

New plans include a 60-day money back guarantee. Because the warranty covers only standard services, reimbursement for third-party services such as registration of domain names and CDN services is not possible.

The money back guarantee is only available for monthly payments. Therefore, customers who pay each year are not eligible.

Pressidium Support

Whether you have problems with something as simple as navigating your Pressidium dashboard to something more complex, such as B. Adding add-ons to your account We help you in your customer service.

The support of Pressidium is led by a team of highly qualified technical engineers. Support is available around the clock, seven days a week, via e-mail, support tickets and by phone.

Monitoring System

In addition, Pressidium uses a proactive support system that consists of a set of surveillance devices to keep track of 24×7, seven-day, weekly tasks

Security Features Include:

  1.       PHP restricted
  2.       Installed WordPress installation
  3.       Chrooted environments
  4.       WordPress update level
  5.       Virtual correction layer
  6.       OWASP filtering
  7.       Malware and vulnerability analysis
  8.       Prohibition of brute force attacks
  9.       Immediate and automated backups

However, the company does not offer two-factor authentication, a security process that some companies find important.

Pros & Cons of Pressidium


  • Accept all common payment methods.
  • All new plans come with a 60-day money-back guarantee that lets users determine if Pressidium is the right choice.
  • Provides very fast loading times.
  • The price at Pressidium is slightly cheaper than similar hosts offering the same WordPress service.
  • From start to finish, he oversaw the safety:
  • Availability and reliability
  • Enterprise architecture for WordPress
  • It provides a bot filtering system that protects your site from all the known robots that can use your bandwidth or reduce the load time of your pages.
  • Review and exclusion of malware
  • DevOps supports WordPress engineers


  • The only potential problem with Pressidium is that customers bill for the number of visits to their websites. The more visits you receive, the more you have to pay.
  •   Not nice amateur.
  •   The visit-based rating framework may not be suitable for all lovers.

Pressidium Hosting Plans: Pressidium Discount Plans

Pressidium Hosting offers a variety of plans to meet the needs of all, from beginners to business owners. Note that all these plans are very scalable.

Pressidium pricing plans


The personal plan offers installations for $ 24.90 / month. While you have unlimited bandwidth, you are limited to 30,000 visits per month.

You also get 10GB of SSD storage, doubling the amount of storage space provided by the Micro-Plan. Other benefits include 24/7 support via a ticketing system. You can add support for CDN or SSL for an additional $ 10 per month.


If you require more than 3 WordPress installations, or if your traffic exceeds 30 KB, the Professional package offers up to 10 WordPress installations and unlimited bandwidth with up to 100,000 visits per month.

The Professional package costs $ 69.90 / month and includes 20GB of SSD storage. You receive technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also add support for SSL and CDN for $ 10 per month.


If your site goes crazy, the business plan of 199.90 euros/month may be the best option. This package includes up to 25 WordPress installations with unlimited bandwidth, 500,000 visits/month and 30 GB SSD storage space. With this plan, the support of SSL and CDN is included in the monthly cost.


This plan is for beginners who are just starting WordPress and do not need much space or traffic. The micro plan includes a unique installation of WordPress and up to 10,000 visits per month.

You get 5GB of storage, standard support for just $ 17.90 a month, and the option to add the CDN for $ 10 a month. The Microplane without additional ringing is $ 17.90 / month.

What is Pricing of Pressidium?

With options for beginners, personal bloggers, professionals and businesses, the complete Pressidium plan include:

standard plans

  •  Pressidium simple control panel
  •  Unlimited bandwidth
  • SSL
  • CDN support
  • Automated backups
  •  SSD storage
  • Office of Statistics
  • Bad-Bot Filtering
  • Malware monitoring
  • Cache Management
  • Fully managed automatic updates
  • SFTP Service

In addition, all plans allow you to install multiple WordPress sites (from 3 to 25 depending on your chosen plan), with the exception of the Micro Plan, which is intended for users who are just starting WordPress.

FAQs of Pressidium Hosting Review

🙆‍♀️ What is Pressidium?

Pressidium offers high-performance managed WordPress hosting. Their various plans are hassle-free, lightning-fast.

🙋‍♂️ What is pricing of Pressidium?

The Pressidium pricing starts at $24.90 per month for Micro plan.

💁‍♀️ Does Pressidium offer good customer support?

Yes, you can contact Pressidium support team for any problem 24/7.

🤷‍♀️ How is Pressidium Uptime?

Pressidium has a 99.95% uptime guarantee.

🤷 Does Pressidium provide SSL?

Yes, Pressidium provides Free SSL certificate with all its plans.

✅ How do I get the best Pressidium Coupon?

We update our article every day with the latest Pressidium coupons that are available. You can use any of the mentioned deals and offers and save a huge amount on your order.

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Conclusion: Best Pressidium Hosting Review 2021

Pressidium Hosting has everything you need to succeed as you take your WordPress sites to the next level.

With its intuitive, world-class architecture, added security, reliable uptime, and high speeds, it’s perfectly equipped to make your home-based website online without having to worry about downtime. low speeds and incompetent support.

There are many managed hosting companies in the world, but Pressidium has found a unique market niche. If you’re looking for a WordPress-hosted site but do not have the resources or experience to manage it yourself, you have a team focused solely on the proper functioning of your WordPress site.

In terms of pricing, you will find cheaper cloud hosting solutions. However, if you’re looking for a higher level of support and experience, as well as a SaaS WordPress solution that you do not need to manage, this is a worth considering option.

Pressidium has won four world-class WordPress hosting services, an impressive achievement. Another year, another great achievement like the one I expect from these guys.

You can now get all the information on this amazing “Pressidium Hosting” website. Share your Review about Pressidum Hosting  in the comment section. Have you ever used Pressidum for your busines

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    Pressidium offers high-performance managed WordPress hosting at an affordable price point. They do their absolute best to keep up on all of latest technology so your site’s running as smoothly and securely as possible while saving you money on wasted bandwidth usage too! That means you get more bang for your buck when it comes to updating plugins, themes, etc… A lot less hassle than managing a server yourself, trust me 😉

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    My blog using WordPress for months with no issues whatsoever thanks to the expert help of the Pressidium staff. I thought it would be necessary to switch hosting providers at some point during my time on their service but nothing like that happened– they’re really something special!

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  12. As a WordPress and hosting newbie, I was very surprised (and relieved) with how easy the installation process was. Really loved how it’s all in one dashboard. The 60 day money-back guarantee is sweet icing on this cake – no worries if you change your mind! I’ve been hosting for over five years and never seen such elegant security features like SSL (one click install takes about 5 mins). Highly recommend Pressidium to any beginner looking for hosting!

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    Pressidium was incredibly simple to introduce you needn’t bother with a particular coding abilities or engineer expertise since everything’s done naturally for you.

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    Pressidium allows me to have my numerous sites in a single spot so I don’t have to stress over anything getting lost on the web. All data upheld by their top provisions like Malware Detection and Removal where quick information moves let me transfer/download enormous records at lightning speeds without supporting speculation any corners being cut or compromises hanging tight for you around any bend. I enthusiastically suggest this deal!

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