WP Engine Coupon Codes 2021: Get (20% Off + 2 Months Free)

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WP Engine Coupon Code: Get 20% Off + 2 Months FREE

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In-Depth WP Engine Review 

WP Engine is a WordPress-specific web hosting provider that offers fully optimized WordPress hosting solutions. Compared to many other WordPress hosts, WP Engine is obviously not cheap but it has plenty of performance tracking and diagnostic options.

WP Engine manages your business faster with the first and only digital WordPress platform. WP Engine offers the best value and development of WordPress in a reliable authoring architecture that offers unparalleled speed, scalability and security for your website.

WP Engine Review

This platform is designed on four pillars: dexterity, performance, intelligence, and integration, so you can enjoy simple website configurations, simple workflows, stress-free aspects, and easy maintenance.

Key Features of WP Engine

Let’s have a look at WP Engine’s core features.

Creative Agility

With WP Engine, you can quickly and easily create exceptional web experience to move your business faster with open-source flexibility, access to a vast global network of developers, unlimited workspaces and one-click tools to simplify organization, testing, and distribution.

Creative Agility on WP Engine

In the age of agility, customers expect important personalized and usable digital experiences instantly. Brands that cannot move quickly cannot survive. Their digital experience platform provides the agility you need to quickly create, carefully manage, efficiently customize and publish.

You can grow your business and easily manage your digital experiences with WP Engine. Make sure your site is updated with automatic updates, quickly change with management and orientation tools, and rely on a team of WordPress experts who are ready to help you when you need it.

Enterprise Performance

According to Google / SOASTA, 40% of customers leave a page loaded in more than three seconds. And 79% of customers who are not satisfied with the site’s results say that they are less likely to buy back from the same site. WP Engine increases the speed of your website and gives you the information you need to make it even faster.

Enterprise Performance

Whether you shuffle a few thousand visitors a day through an e-commerce shopping experience or attract millions of visitors for your content per day, the digital experience needs to be accessible and fast-loading to attract your viewers and surprise them. The cloud-based solutions of WP Engine give your sites high accessibility, speed, scalability, and security, so you can move forward with confidence.

Working with Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, WP Engine enhances its digital experiences with the most advanced architecture these companies use to gain their digital experiences. Global data centers and cloud coverage enable your visitors to quickly access and load your site wherever they are in the world.

Actionable Intelligence

The digital landscape is constantly evolving and leaves popular brands in the dark unless they are familiar with their audience or the performance of their experience. With WP Engine’s performance information package, you can make informed decisions about the marketing and development of your website and app, including your site performance and app performance.

Actionable Intelligence - Optimize Your Digital Experience

Give the development team a programmatic view of what works and what doesn’t to improve the speed, availability, and performance of your site. Analyze the speed of your WordPress site quickly and easily. Take a closer look at the set of performance intelligence suites of WP Engine to improve your website speed.

Ecosystem Integration

Spend less time developing systems by running websites with WP Engine for digital experiences. They provide the technology and leadership you need to focus on your business. You can expand your digital experience with the curated and handpicked solutions from over 40,000 available WordPress plugins to deliver the best possible results.

Ecosystem Integrations on WP Engine

There are two things that are important to know as the number of marketing solutions growing exponentially: the future is unpredictable and innovation is difficult to sustain. With an open WordPress framework, you can integrate CMS with other technologies in the stack. But with WP Engine, you get a platform that integrates world technology partners with their custom software and WordPress so you can focus on creating innovative digital experiences instead of empowering them.

Additional Features & Benefits of WP Engine

Here are some additional features to enhance your website performance.

CDN for Faster Loading

WP Engines partnered with Stackpath CDN to make hostings faster than ever. CDN is free with all hosting plans of WP Engine. It means you are getting huge benefits and saving a lot of money.

Premium WordPress Themes

WP Engine offers more than 36 StudioPress themes for absolutely free. These themes are powered by Genesis Framework that features built-in SEO and security. It is in your every WP Engine plan.

Auto Migration

You can use their auto migration plugin as simple as a couple of clicks.

Automated Backups

In case you run into any site issues, WP Engine performs daily backups to give you peace of mind.

Multi-Site Conversion

In a few clicks, you can set up and turn off multisite in WP Engine’s User Portal.

WP Engine Review – Performance At a Glance

The performance of software matters more than features and support because performance can make or break a website in the matter of the user’s trust. That’s why WP Engine offers so many performance-enhancing features, like:

  • A CDN Service with all included plans
  • Page Performance solution to test your site’s speed and helps to make improvements.
  • To optimize your site for specific regions they are providing an add-on called GeoTarget.
  • A list of huge server locations that includes data centers in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.
  • Quick and easy migrations
  • A free SSL certificate

Let’s have a look of other performance tests of WP Engine:

Speed Test

I’ve used Pingdom tool to ran the speed test of WP Engine and what I found out:

  • It is 10x faster than other managed WordPress hosting tools.
  • Takes barely one second to load the page.
  • Faster than 96% of tested sites.
  • Performance grade – A (94)

These results are without installing any performance optimization which is quite good for any managed hosting.

Server Response Time

Server response time always shows results in ms (millisecond). After testing the server response time of WP Engine, I’ve found pretty good responses. The server response is between 65ms-400ms which is practically good.

Load Impact Test

Now we move to load impact tests. To measure the load impact test, I’ve put the WP Engine server response under peak traffic. 

After testing, I’ve found that the site performed very well up to 80 users before starting slowing down but it remained steady throughout the test.

Success text

WP EngineCustomer Support | Reliable Or ??

There is a support team of over 100 WordPress experts in WP Engine. So you can get more than 97% of customer satisfaction with thousands of daily customer interactions.

All customers are supported 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via live chat and phone with all plans except the personal plan. If the issue cannot be resolved immediately by chat or phone, the support team will create an internal support ticket for you.

Corporate customers receive 24/7 ticket support via email. Premium and Enterprise customers also get personal consulting experience.

Is WP Engine Hosting Secure?

WP Engine also offers some premium security features. The WordPress engine is automatically updated to the latest version. WP Engine looks for updates before updating its customers. They have a proprietary intrusion detection and prevention system that blocks all DDoS attacks, brute force attacks, JavaScript / SQL injection attacks, and many more.

They also work with third-party security companies to perform regular code checks and security audits. If you get hacked somehow, WP Engine will fix it for free.

Why Choose WP Engine?

There are many shared hosting options available in the market but when it comes to managed hosting for WordPress, I think WP Engine is the best option. There are so many reasons to go for it.


  • Speed 
  • Security
  • WordPress Specific Tools
  • Advanced Security and Support
  • One-Click Staging
  • Free CDN and SSL Certificates

Not just that, WP Engine also updates automatically to ensure your sites stay up to date. You will surely fall in love with the services offered by WP Engine.

How Much Does Wp Engine Costs | WP Engine Coupon Code

The pricing plans offered by WP Engine is flexible but a bit pricy. But when we compare the performance and value we’re getting with its robust hosting it’s worth paying. Let’s take a look at pricing plans offered by WP Engine.

WP Engine included 4 plans for small, growing and large businesses. Let’s have a look at its pricing details.

Startup – $27/month or $300/year

  • 25k visits/month
  • 10GB local storage
  • 50GB bandwidth/month
  • 1 site included

Growth – $103/month or $1150/year

  • 100,000 visits/month
  • 20GB local storage
  • 200GB bandwidth/month
  • 10 sites included

Scale – $261/month or $2900/year

  • 400,000 visits/month
  • 50GB local storage
  • 500GB bandwidth/month
  • 30 sites included

Custom – Contact them for custom prices

  • Millions of visits/month
  • 100GB-1TB local storage
  • 400GB+ bandwidth/month
  • 30 sites included

Wp Engine Annual Discount Offer


Does Wp Engine Offer Any Money Back Guarantee?

If you somehow are not happy with the services then WP Engine offers you a 60-day money-back guarantee. You can cancel the plan within 60 days and you will get a full refund without any questions.

Why Should You Choose WP Engine Over Others?

Thousands of WordPress Plugins

WP Engine provides more than 40,000 of WordPress Plugins from eCommerce so you can build versatile and robust digital experiences.

Technology Partnerships

With WP Engine, you can discover new capabilities because they have partnered with best-in-class innovators like Amazon Web Services,

 and Google Cloud Platform that is optimized for WordPress.

World-Class WordPress Experts

You can take advantage of a whole company of WordPress experts with WP Engine. WP Engine has included 14 subject-matter experts and support staff for in-training members. They are trained for almost 8 weeks.

Core Contributors

You can say thanks to the core contributors of WP Engine so you can enjoy the constant improvement to the open-source WordPress project.

Integration DNA

You can take advantage of WP Engine’s status as a master integrator by combining and optimizing over 40 technologies into their platform while building its own proprietary solutions, plugins, and tools.

Enterprise Onboarding & Account Management

With the help of 30-day enterprise onboarding and a dedicated account management solution, you can ensure the continued success of the WordPress website.

Award-Winning Help

With their 3 time Stevie Award-winning support team that has earned a World-Class Net Promoter Score of 86, you can assure yourself of being in the best hands. You can also learn more and dig deeper with content by their experts.

International 24/7 Support

You can find help and solutions to your queries that you need with award-winning WordPress experts in the U.S. and Ireland. You can contact them via email at any time.

WP Engine Reviews | Customer Testimonials

Wp Engine reviews & Customer Testimonials

Pros & Cons


  • Site staging included 
  • Advanced security
  • Automated site migration
  • Unlimited data transfers
  • Dedicated expert support
  • Optimized for WordPress Users
  • Solid & consistent performance
  • Daily backups and plugin updates
  • A grade page speed and server response


  • Prices are a bit high
  • No domain registrations

Conclusion:  WP Engine Coupon Code  2021

WP Engine is a good option if you are looking for seamless WordPress web hosting. For bloggers and companies who want to stop wasting time on technical details and find a working WordPress host, WP Engine is perfect. Developers and freelancers find that the advanced features of WP Engine save time for WordPress development for customers. And growing companies will find enough space to expand hosting with increased traffic.

WP Engine has a bit of a high pricing plan. However, you will receive a quality management web host for your investment. This provider offers many important features unique to WordPress, secure performance and reliable support. If the WP Engine fits your budget, it is worth considering.

We hope our, WP Engine Coupon Code helped you get exclusive discount offer on WP Engine hosting plans.

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