WP Rocket Review 2021 : Best WordPress Cache Plugin?

WP Rocket Review
Image Optimization
Speed booster

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There are loads of options available for the viewers nowadays, so if your website is not fast enough, then you are surely going to lose all your viewers even before you realize it. In this fast-moving world, you definitely do not want to lag behind your competitors, so you have to fasten your seat belt and blast off and  WP Rocket will help you do just that and much more.

As speed is one of the most important factors in gaining popularity amongst the viewers, therefore, you will have to take measures to boost it up.

WP rocket review

You can enhance the loading time of your website in various ways, but the most effective one is the installation of the cache plugin. WP Rocket is touted as one of the best, though it was made available internationally just about a year ago.

There were other plugins available in the market too, but when something new and improved comes into the market, then it is always a pleasure for the users, as they are able to make use of it to enhance the speed of their website and attract more and more viewers. Competition is stiff; therefore, you really have to come up with nothing but the best for the users.

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WP Rocket Features 

It was initially launched in the French market in 2013 and is a paid service. If you want to get new updates, then you can avail the license renewal options too once your initial validity period is over. There are several features which you can make use of once you avail the services of WP Rocket and here some of them are mentioned –

Lazy Loading images

There is an option where you can enable the lazy loading images and allow the users to select the resources that they want to view and this can be done by simply checking the box just beside it. There is no additional code or anything is required to enable it, only a single click will do the trick.

Speed booster

As a user, there is nothing much that you can do externally because everything happens automatically here. But, there are some checkboxes that you have to click, just to ensure that the functions are optimized and when you will run a test on your site, you will see that there is a checklist that says everything has been optimized starting from Compression, browser caching to minifying of HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc. to maximize the speed.

User friendly

The users are able to make use of all the features all by themselves because the navigation is quite simple. It is not only user-friendly but is also server-friendly too. Even the setup of WP Rocket is simple and it doesn’t cause any kind of server load.

Minification / Concatenation

WP Rocket helps in reducing the weight through the Minification of CSS files along with HTML and JavaScript files. So, this way when your file size is reduced, it means loading time will increase.

Mobile Detection

They have also kept in mind that now most users browse through their smartphones and that is why they have one option, which will help the mobile users make use of all the features through a single click.

Connected Users

The users who are connected will be able to use all the features through a single click only.

White Label

If you want, you can customize your plugin by completely removing the reference of WP Rocket and using the brand name of yours in there.

There are several other features of the WP Rocket as well and they are –

  • Developer Friendly
  • Import/ Export
  • Multilingual Compatibility
  • Multisite Compatibility
  • DNS Pre-fetching
  • Defer JS Loading
  • CDN
  • Image Optimization

Then, there are other options like browser caching and Google Fonts Optimization with the help of which you can enhance the speed and performance of the website.

Not every cache plugins provide all these features. Some might suggest that WP Rocket comes for a price, whereas there are several other popular plugins that come free of cost. But, if you are looking for something which will really perform as it promises, then for sure you will not hesitate in spending money on it.

WP Rocket Price

WP rocket price

There is always a price tag attached to things that are one of the best in the market and WP Rocket is unquestionably one of the consistent performers in the world of plugins. They have three plans for their users –

  • Personal
  • Business
  • Pro

Here is what they have on offer –

For Personal, It is one site for $39, the business plan comes for $99 for three sites and the Pro version which is for unlimited sites will cost you $199. The support and updates that are made available for the users are the same for every plan and that is for 1 year.

If you are not in the mood of renewing your license, then also you can keep on using the last version that you have downloaded forever.

WP Rocket Setup 

How does WP Rocket Work

There is no rocket science in the setup process, instead, you can just register the website of yours in the area which is for members and acquire the API. Once you are done with this, the next step involves downloading the plugin and installing it on the blog.

Now in order to activate your plugin, you have to navigate to Settings and then to WP Rocket where you will have to enter the API key to complete the procedure. You are done, go ahead and refresh the page and you will be good to go.

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Wrap Up: WP Rocket Review 2021

It is definitely one of the best plugins available in the market which provides its user with impressive results. You won’t get any major loading issues, once you start using the plugin on your website and as it is user-friendly, therefore, even if you are not a pro you can easily manage the whole thing on your own.

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7 thoughts on “WP Rocket Review 2021 : Best WordPress Cache Plugin?”

  1. WP Rocket is certainly a standout amongst other modules accessible in the market which furnishes its client with great outcomes. You will not get any significant stacking issues, when you begin utilizing the module on your site and as it is easy to use, thusly, regardless of whether you are not a genius you can undoubtedly deal with the entire thing all alone.

  2. WP Rocket is a simple and efficient caching plugin that will speed up your site and make it load faster. It’s also compatible with most WordPress plugins, so it won’t cause any conflicts with your other plugins.

  3. WP Rocket helps in diminishing the load through the Minification of CSS records alongside HTML and JavaScript documents. Thus, this way when your record size is decreased, it implies stacking time will increment.

    The clients can utilize every one of the highlights without help from anyone else in light of the fact that the route is very basic. It’s difficult easy to use but at the same time is worker agreeable as well

  4. With WP Rocket everything is possible!

    You can customize the loading process by selecting which types of files to optimize. You can choose from CSS, JS, HTML, and font files. 
    Other than the caching option WP rocket also offer some addons.

    The first one is the lazyload which can improve the user experience. They also provide GZIP compression, Deferred Loading, and Image Optimization. Another important feature of the plugin is its ability to work along with CDN services like MaxCDN and Amazon Cloudfront. you just have to set up the CDN and add the URL for it to work.

  5. I like WP Rocket for a lot of things! One of the best thing about WP Rocket, when compared to other cache plugins, is how easy it’s to set up the plugin the first time. It’s a very powerful tool. The caching option makes the site load much quicker; there is also an ability to preload cache, which makes the loading process even faster!
    Highly recommend 👍

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  7. Cloudways solves all the problems. It’s awesome to finally see a company that isn’t just about getting money off you for nothing. While other companies make you pay for fictional services or services that should otherwise be free, you’ll only pay for what you use at CloudWays. It’s a fair and square deal and it also comes with numerous useful features. I really like this because it saves a lot of money!

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