HostGator Promotion Code Offers up to 90% Saving

I don’t take the time to review products and services unless they really help me. HostGator actually really did. Let me tell you about my experience with them and you’ll see why I recommend them if you’re looking for a web hosting company. Plus you can use the promotion codes listed here to get up to 90% off the regular hosting price.

The first thing that attracted me to their company was the fact that they have been around for awhile and have a lot of good customer reviews. With over 8,000,000 domains under their support, you can feel certain that they are an experienced and professional company.

Initially, I called them to see if they could help transfer my domain and they said it was no problem and no extra fee, so I gave them a try. Someone had been trying to hack my domain before that, and they assured me that their free domain locking service would put an end to that, and it has.

Since I started working with Hostgator less than two years ago, I am already seeing evidence of that. I may eventually transition into a dedicated server, which they can also help me with later.

Some web hosting places are the kinds of businesses that present a special promotion to get your money and basically once they get it, abandon you in terms of customer support. It was important for me to choose a web hosting company that I wanted to have a relationship with for entire life of my domain, the rest of my life basically. Choosing carefully was important to me.

HostGator is not a place where I called to talk to robots and put on one hold after another. They have a huge staff on call to offer assistance around the clock. I work with clients abroad and keep odd hours so being able to talk to people at night was a bonus for me. The staff is knowledgable and polite. I don’t have the feeling of simply being humored or tolerated. They actually treat me as though my needs are important. They know how to get down to business and how to be personal also. I appreciate that.

The web hosting plans are diverse and I enjoy all the options I have. They offer unlimited sub domains and e mail accounts complete with spam monitoring, which I have successfully utilized to a good advantage. There are no limits on bandwidth, which is a relief, because who wants to have to keep an eye on that? Not me.

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I have adjusted my plan a couple times to update my needs and it hasn’t been a hassle. They are flexible with me. HostGator has 3 basic web hosting plans: Hatchling, Baby and Business. They vary in the number of domains they accommodate and how many you can add on later.

Speaking of unlimited, HostGator does not end with unlimited bandwidth. HostGator’s plans offer unlimited databases, subdomains and FTP accounts. If I wanted to, I could have hundreds of websites on one plan. And you don’t need a coupon code to enjoy the unlimited bandwidth and subdomains.

The control panel software is awesome. It’s open-source easy to use. I’m not too experienced in designing websites, but it didn’t matter because the software is designed for anyone. The possibilities are endless with open source, and my ability to experiment and be independent without being boxed in is a huge advantage.

I used one of their application hosting features to link my website to a blog on WordPress and it was a successful method for directing and increasing traffic to my business website. This was based on the good recommendation of a customer service person at HostGator. See what I mean? They go above and beyond and really help you think outside the box.

I took advantage of a free platform they offer called Magento hosting to build an e-commerce platform for my store. It was easy and it’s been a real success. I have figured out how to link with other sites and make money from people clicking on ads. To my nice surprise, it has added up to a good chunk of change as they months go by.

I have gotten a lot of help from the web based file managers that HostGator provides also. I hate to admit how disorganized I am with files and maintaining databases, but as it turns out I just needed the right tools to get my act together.